Intermediate Studies in Health Education 35 ECTS cr

Having completed the subject studies, the student is able to explain factors related to the health and welfare, health behavior, health challenges and health promotion of different population groups, especially children and adolescents. The student also knows how to evaluate his/her ability to reinforce the health knowledge of children and adolescents and how to build the contents of health education teaching and learning in a goal-oriented way. S/he also knows how to evaluate their relationship to the promotion of health at school and to develop their own activities in promoting health.

The module consists of the following courses:

  • Drugs and Health (5 ECTS cr)
  • Physical Exercise in Promoting Health
  • School as a promoter of inclusion and life management of children and adolescents (5 ECTS cr)
  • Supporting Sexual Growth And Development (5 ECTS cr)
  • Oral Health (5 ECTS cr)
  • Advanced Course in the Didactics of Health Education (5 ECTS cr)
  • Thesis (5 ECTS cr)

The teaching is arranged by the Open University.

Application Procedure

Students in the Faculty of Education can apply for the rigth to pursue intermediate studies in health education. Details on the deadline for applications are given by the Open University. The right to study health education is not applied for in the general application procedure of the Faculty of Education.

Teh students register for the studies to the Open University. The student is responsible for the expenses of his or her intermediate studies.

The right to pursue studies in a minor subject is given for the next academic year. The duration of the right is one academic year.

For more information on practical issues related to minor subject applications in the Faculty, see here.

Application Guidance

If you are interested in studies in this minor subject, please get in touch with the study advisors at the Open University.

Person in Charge

The person in charge of the minor subject studies is Mervi Savela.

More Information on the Studies

A more detailed description of Intermediate Studies in Health Education including the courses involved is to be found in the Faculty of Education Catalogue of Minor Subject Studies on WebOodi.

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Last updated: 28.2.2019