Intercultural Teacher Education

The Intercultural Teacher Education (ITE) programme responds to the challenges posed by multiculturalism and globalisation to the teaching profession. ITE offers a professional teaching qualification, but contains some distinctive features.

  • consideration of teaching in a heterogeneous classroom
  • courses on the background and shape of education abroad
  • studies of global matters and international relations
  • guest lecturers from other countries
  • a period of study abroad
  • teaching practices abroad and in international schools
  • internships in government and non-government organisations
  • global education studies (peace and conflict research, equity and human rights, environment)
  • study of overseas development policy

The versatile contents of the programme offer good opportunities for future employment with a variety of teaching and education related duties. The education provides competences to work in educational tasks both in Finland and abroad. The main language of instruction is English.

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Last updated: 21.3.2018