Annual FERA Conference on Education 2014, Oulu, 20–21st November 2014


We are inviting professionals and researchers in education and teaching to meet us in Oulu!

The FERA Conference on Education 2014 will be dealing with the diversified environments of education and learning, with special consideration of the meaning of values in teaching and learning.

Education, learning and values will be discussed and evaluated in the conference in different contexts such as formal educational institutions, informal environments and as part of lifewide learning. Issues covered under this theme include learning and interaction, teachership in global and local environments, and education and equality.

The FERA Conference is an important forum to follow developments in education and discussion on the field – a source of inspiration and information and views about most recent educational research. The conference allows you to evaluate current research and to outline future prospects in education. The conference also offers opportunities for people to meet each other both within the official program and in free interaction.


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