Learning and Learning Processes Research Unit

The Learning and Learning Processes Research Unit (LLP) tackles the following problem: How can we increase human learning competence for the 21stcentury needs? The unit’s expertise lies in integrating theoretical perspectives on the social, cognitive, motivational, and emotional processes of learning in different learning contexts, here with a special emphasis on learning in groups. It employs multimodal methodological approaches toward research.

Mission and rationale

Our mission is: “We are a research unit that contributes to theory-based solutions for better learning. Our research implements advanced technologies to enable people to continuously develop their skills to learn, work, and live profitably.” Our research contributes to the OU’s research strategy “Understanding humans in change” with a special target: best practices for interaction, communication, and learning in the 21st century and is also related to the strategic theme “Digitalization and a smart society.”


6.3.2018 Researcher

Sanna Järvelä

2.11.2018 Researcher

Maija Lanas

3.4.2019 Researcher

Hanna Järvenoja

20.11.2018 Researcher

Hanni Muukkonen

26.4.2018 Researcher

Jonna Malmberg



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