Minor subject studies

Please note that the courses in Education in Transition, Learning, Education and Technology as well as Education for Intercultural Competences are in English, while the other subjects are mainly in Finnish. The Faculty of Humanities offers studies in English, German and Swedish philologies and the Oulu Business School offers two minors in English. See the each faculty's website to see about the application procedures. There are also other possibilities to complete minors in English, like the Unipid minor Sustainability in Development.

A257301 Drama education 25 credits
A255301 Learning, education and technology 25 credits
A250507 Education for Intercultural Competences 25 credits
A250511 Education in transition 25 credits
A255102 Special education 25 credits
A256902 Professional studies in early childhood education 60 credits
A255110 Professional studies in special education 40 credits
A255202 Pre-school and primary education 25 credits
A250504 Basic studies in education 25 credits
A250505 Intermediate studies in education 35 credits
A255402 Arts education 25 credits
A255902 Handicrafts/technical work/technology 25 credits
A256002 Handicrafts/textile work/technology 25 credits
A255501 Physical education 25 credits
A256402 Multidisciplinary Studies in the Subjects and Cross-Cullicular Themes Taught in Basic Education 63 credits
A255702 Music 25 credits
Music education 75 credits
A212901 Basic studies in women's studies 25 credits
A212902 Intermediate studies in women's studies 35 credits

A250603 Basic studies in psychology 25 credits
A250604 Intermediate studies in psychology 35 credits
A211401 Basic studies in sociology 25 credits
A211402 Intermediate studies in sociology 35 credits
A791404 Basic studies in health education 25 credits
A791407 Intermediate studies in health education 35 credits
A257401 Children´s culture 25 credits

More detailed information in Finnish on website www.oulu.fi/sivuaineopinnot.

Application forms: www.oulu.fi/ktk/node/1153

More information Flexible Study Rights (JOO).

Last updated: 12.12.2017