Multiculturalism 25 ECTS credits

The multiculturalism studies are based on a multidisciplinary research and approach. An intercultural approach is constructed on the perception of the significance of one’s own cultures and an attempt to understand the cultures of others. The students are encouraged to self-direct their learning and personally engage in it. 

  • 417010P Introduction to Multiculturalism 5 ECTS
  • 417012P Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Geography 5 ECTS
  • 417013P Multicultural Finland and Working Life 5 ECTS
  • 417014P Multicultural and International Oulu 5 ECTS
  • 417017P Seminar 5 ECTS

Along with the multiculturalisation of our society, the need to understand different styles of life and thought has increased. In a globalizing society the knowledge and understanding of cultures is important for people functioning in various professions (education and training, welfare and health, culture and media personnel.)

The aim of multicultural education and research is

  • to understand the interplay between culture and identity
  • to increase information about the significance of culture to the individual’s development, construction of identity, lifestyle, and values.
  • to increase knowledge of different cultures
  • to increase understanding of difference
  • to provide competencies for working in a multicultural environment

The teaching language is English. Written work may be submitted in English or Finnish.

The teaching is organised by the Open University.

Application Procedure

Students of the Faculty of Education can apply for the study right in multiculturalism. The Open University informs the deadline for applying. The study right in multiculturalism is not applied at the general application procedure of the Faculty of Education. Faculty of Education pays the costs of studying for the students of the Faculty of Education, if the minor subject is in the PSP pf the student. The right to study a minor subject is for the one academic year.

Students from other faculties and those pursuing non-degree studies in a minor subject, contact the Open University.

For the application forms, see

For more information on practical issues related to minor subject applications in the Faculty, see here.

Application Guidance

More details on applying for the right to pursue studies in a minor subject are available from the Faculty’s study advisors. Any questions related to study rights should be addressed to Helena Seppälä, Chief Academic Officer.

Person in Charge

The person in charge of the minor subject studies is Maria-Liisa Järvelä.

More Information on the Studies

A more detailed description of the studies in Multiculturalism including the courses involved is to be found in the Faculty of Education Catalogue of Minor Subject Studies on WebOodi.

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Last updated: 22.6.2015