Multidisciplinary Studies in the Subjects and Cross-Cullicular Themes Taught in Basic Education

The Multidiscplinary Studies constitute a compulsory minor subject in the primary teacher education programmes.

These studies can also be pursued by a limited number of students in other programmes.

The Multidisciplinary Studies in the Subjects and Cross-Curricular Themes Taught in Basic Education is a minor subject that suits students who also wish to qualify for work as primary teachers. The Multidiscplinary Studies familiarise the student with the subjects and contents taught in primary schools to allow the student to apply this knowledge as a primary teacher.

Having completed the multidiscplinary studies, the student knows how to

  • present knowledge related to the various subjects in such a way that a pupil in the basic education grades 0-6 is capable of absorbing it.
  • use a variety of teaching methods and make use of different learning environments in the various subjects and intercultural themes.
  • assess the applicability of his or her teaching methods within the framework of the core curriculum for basic education.
  • plan, apply and evaluate the contents to be learnt in primary school.

The studies are divided into mother tongue and orientation studies, mathematics and sciences, arts and crafts, and a teaching practice period.

Application Procedure

If you are granted the right to pursue studies in this minor, the credits earned shall be counted towards the Master's degree.

The studies shall be started in the academic year following the application procedure. The studies last for two years.

The information on this page is subject to change. Detailed application information is made available in connection with the annual application procedure for minor subject studies, and it may differ from the above. See Finnish website Sivuaineopinnot/(Minor subject studies) for the annually updated application instructions.

For the application forms, see

Application Guidance

More details on applying for the right to pursue studies in a minor subject are available from the Faculty’s study advisors, especially Minna Sainio or Hennariikka Valppu-Paaso. Any questions related to study rights should be addressed to Helena Seppälä, Chief Academic Officer.

Person in Charge

Minna Sääskilahti

More Information on the Studies

A more detailed description of this minor including the courses involved is to be found in the Faculty of Education Catalogue of Primary Teacher Education on WebOodi.

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Last updated: 15.2.2019