Music Education

The studies in music education aim primarily at the work of music teachers in primary and secondary education. The curriculum is based on the integration of teaching with the school reality. It highlights flexibility, optionality, project and production centred work as well as student responsibility and autonomy in the planning of their studies.

The students complete a 180-credit Bachelor of Arts degree and a 120-credit Master of Arts degree.


Music education research in the University of Oulu has taken shape through administrative and recruitment decisions. The emphases of the curriculum also put the newly graduated music teachers in touch with certain research orientations in their postgraduate studies. Education is an important science closely related to music education especially in Oulu. Therefore research on music learning and teaching is a natural field of research. The range of topics in music education research includes rhythm music education, music and movement education, new music learning environments and areas of music education technology, and music teachership, among other things.

The doctoral students of music education are integrated with the Faculty's doctoral studies wherever applicable. The Faculty has established its own doctoral education programme in recent years, with a supervising group of at least two persons appointed for each doctoral student. In this way a doctoral student in music education joins the scientific community and also receives peer support from other doctoral students. The rules of science are learnt in regular research seminars. The creative arts postgraduate seminar organised by the Faculty also helps to link the various arts together.

Last updated: 25.2.2022