Faculty of Education Action Plan for Research 2015-2019

Research in the Faculty of Education mainly addresses the university’s focus areas of Understanding humans in change and Digital solutions in sensing and interactions. The main theme of research is education in a changing world. Research in the faculty is seeking solutions to how man can exert an active influence on changes instead of just reacting to them.

There are three research units in charge of the faculty’s research: 1) Learning and Learning Processes, 2) Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities, and 3) Values, Ideologies and Social Contexts of Education.


The Faculty’s mission and goals

  • To produce new knowledge as a basis for the training of experts in education, especially teachers
  • To reinforce competences to promote well-being and sustainable development especially in northern Finland and in the Arctic region
  • The Faculty is conducting state-of-the-art research on the national and international level based on a distinctive research program of a high scientific quality
  • Research-based teacher education is a remarkable part of the entire research profile of the university and one of its strengths
  • The Faculty has a central role in Eudaimonia and in the development and research of research-based doctoral education at the University of Oulu

The Faculty’s Research Profile:
Challenges of Education in a Diversifying World

Learning and Learning Processes

This area studies the learning of individuals and groups in different learning environments and technology-enhanced models of learning in multidisciplinary research cooperation. Applied research related to this area develops the forms and environments of learning and interaction and examine the learning of skills required by them.

Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities

This area studies the identity of teachers and the work of educators in various educational and teaching environments. The examination focuses especially on the relationships between these environments and individuals. The research aims at developing teacher education and the environments of education and teaching from different points of view.

Values, Ideologies and Social Contexts of Education

This area studies the theoretical and philosophical grounds, base values and social contexts of education and educational research. Education and educational research are considered in terms of historically constructed phenomena and mindsets. The goal is to construct a critical theoretical and practical understanding of education and pedagogy.


Last updated: 13.9.2017