Research-based teacher education

Research-based teacher education is a new development area in the research strategy of the University of Oulu. The Faculty of Education has taken an active lead in developing this area.

  • Post-doctoral Researcher Minna Uitto (during Minna's leave Maija Lanas) has begun work as coordinator of the strategic development area.
  • Four emerging research projects, led by the Faculty's post-doctoral researchers, have begun supported by funding from the Faculty. These funds were granted for research projects in teacher education and aim at supporting the formation of research groups around early career post-doctoral researchers. The projects are funded for three years during which further external funding is applied by the leaders of the projects. All projects employ PhD students and most projects are in the process of publishing first refereed journal articles of their respective topics.
  • The faculty of Education has hosted regular seminars on research-based teacher education.
  • There is increasing collaboration between research groups, evident for instance in joint development of post-doctoral level researcher training.
  • The research base of teacher education has been emphasised in the ongoing curriculum work as well as in teaching.


Last updated: 17.3.2014