Taking the written maturity test

9.4 Taking the written maturity test

A student getting prepared for a Master’s degree shall take a maturity test. The purpose of this test is to prove that you master written expression both in your field of research and in English. Finnish students are required to write the maturity test in the language which they have competed their upper secondary education and the students of other nationalities write the maturity tests in English.

The maturity test is usually taken on a general examination day. You can only enrol for the test after your thesis has been approved for uploading by your thesis supervisor. A minimum of three weeks shall be allowed for the marking of a maturity test. The supervisor of your thesis makes an assessment of the maturity test in terms of its contents and language, and then submits it to the Student Affairs Office (KTK254, student affairs secretary). The maturity test shall be taken at least four weeks in advance of the date when the Dean accepts the thesis.

For the maturity test, the supervisor of the Master’s thesis will give two or three topics related to the thesis, and the student shall choose one of them. The maturity test consists of a scientifically oriented essay of approximately four pages on the selected topic. Three hours are allowed for writing the essay. The essay shall be written on every line of a folded A4 sheet of cross-ruled writing paper with fairly large squares. The contents and the language of the maturity test are assessed by the primary supervisor of your thesis. The supervisor grants you either a pass or fail in the test.

Minimum requirements of the maturity test

1 Your handwriting shall be legible, it must be possible to tell which are capital and small letters, and the boundaries between words shall be clear. A margin of three squares shall be left at the left edge of each page.

2 The essay shall be divided into paragraphs that are separated clearly from each other.

3 The suggested length of the essay is about one full sheet of folded writing paper (approximately four pages) with text on every line. A single page is not enough.

4 The essay shall be provided with a heading. The heading shall be written exactly as it was given by your supervisor. The heading and the contents shall correspond to each other.

5 You shall master the basics of spelling and punctuation. Do not use abbreviations to any major degree.

6 The relations between sentences and clauses shall be expressed clearly. The sentences and clauses shall be complete and varied. There shall not be any serious mistakes in cohesion.

7 The word order shall be unambiguous and in harmony with the structure of the information being presented.

8 The style shall be straight prose – not chatty for instance.

9 The text shall not be filled with diagrams and pictures, as the narration shall proceed by means of language. Tables should not be used, as there are no sources available to you when you are writing the essay.

10 The essay shall form a uniform whole with an outlined structure.

11 It shall be possible for the language consultant to understand the text. You shall not assume that the reader is familiar with your thesis.

12 Your essay may be failed, if major problems occur repeatedly in one of the areas mentioned above, or if it contains plenty of different kinds of errors.

9.5 Submitting the degree confirmation application

Students shall fill out the degree validation (confirmation) application form and submit it to the office KTK253 no later than two weeks before the intended graduation date.

Please fill in the form carefully. Kindly remember to insert your Finnish identity code and the language in which you completed your upper secondary education!

Last updated: 10.6.2013