ANGEL 2020 Paper presentations

The following papers have been accepted to be presented at the ANGEL 2020 Conference. Authors are listed alphabetically by the last name of the corresponding author. 

A booklet containing all the abstracts is available at the bottom of this page.



Anthony-Okeke, Loretta

Rethinking independent learning as a practice of academic freedom using student vlogs.

Bracken, Meliosa

Supporting Development Education in the Adult and Community Education Sector: a Case Study of a Strategic Partnership in Ireland.

Bullivant, Andrea

Global Learning Reconceptualised as Embodied and Knowing Practice: Perspectives from Practitioners in DECs in England.

Charbonneau, Irène & Menon, Sharanya

Approaching an online course on Global Education Development through decoloniality and social constructivism.

Chong, Eric King-man

Enhancing student global learning through Social Justice Education: Conceptual clarification, learning and teaching methods.

Da Costa Marta

Examining Problem-Spaces in Development Education Policy.

Dalby, Pablo

Global Education for the Privileged: power and ‘transformative’ pedagogy in a gap year programme.

Demorel, Projekt & Rau, Caroline

Learning world citizenship and democracy for German-Turks.

Efthymiou, Giannis S.

Global Learning as an opportunity for teachers’ agency: the case of one Greek primary school.

Eich, Lena

Cooperation between schools and NGOs in the global education context: orientations of NGO professionals towards schools and global learning.

Golden, Brighid

Supporting student teachers to develop critical thinking skills through engagement with global education.

Grano, Palma

Glocal affective citizenship? Transcending national-global debate around citizenship education.

Green, Crystal

Concept mapping and visual harvesting: Conceptualizing equity and social justice in cross-cultural research.

Hanley, Natalya

The Contribution of Empathy-based Pedagogy towards Global Citizenship Education: Kazakhstani context.

Henriksson, Heidi

The complexity of analysing ‘politicization’ in global education research: examples from a study on NGO-school cooperation.

Li, Cuicui

Forming Critical Perspective: Rural School Teacher Perception towards Global Education in China.

Lobo, Gauravi

Seeking Alternatives: A post-secular approach to education in India.

Lochner, Johanna

(Un)expected Learning Outcomes of Virtual School Garden Exchanges in the Field of Education for Sustainable Development.

Malusà, Giovanna

Learning through play to build inclusive contexts together. A training experience in Italian multicultural schools.

Mutiarawati, Fadilla

Indigenous and local knowledge engagement in formal education, is just a fantasy or reality? A policy analysis on Indonesian education system.

Palmer, Nicholas

Articulating and Implementing Global Citizenship Education: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study.

Pieniazek, Anielka

Conceptualising Global Education: perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rau, Caroline

Teaching culture in the humanities − the education of pupils for a life in the world society.

Ress, Susanne

Internationalization of Higher Education: African Students’ Experiences in Brazil.

Strachan, Amy

The extent to and ways in which global learning can be used to raise the profile of primary science education.

Suhonen, Riikka

Constructing global citizenship in vocational education: critical analysis of the future competency needs of the working life.

Tangwe, Abraham Tamukum

Peace in Education as a Foundation for Global Learning. The Case of Cameroon.

Timm, Susanne

Global Learning and Culture: a theoretical approach to specify global learning as a cross-sectional discipline.

Urabe, Masashi

Foundations of a Concept of “Didactics 5.0” in the Age of the “Society 5.0”.

Windorf,  Robert J.

Global Citizens in the 21st Century Classroom: A Mixed-Methods Study of Motivational Aspects of Global Awareness.


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