Support for the development of lifelong learning

The Ministry of Education and Culture has funded the University of Oulu 378, 000 euros for the development of lifelong learning. The purpose of the project is to respond to the shortage of teachers, especially in Northern Finland and Kainuu, and to make it easier for immigrants to enter working life. 

We will be organizing from autumn 2021 three continuing education courses: Multidisciplinary Studies in the Subjects and Cross-Curricular Themes Taught in Basic Education, 60 ects (in Finnish); Professional Studies in Special Education, 60 ects (in Finnish) and Pedagogical Studies for Teachers (in English).  The studies are carried out flexibly using distance learning. The total number of students is 50.  The studies are intended especially for employed teachers and immigrants who have received teacher training. The project will be implemented between 12.6.2020 - 31.12.2022. 
For more information: 
Sari Harmoinen, project manager, 
Kirsi Mäntykivi, project coordinator, 

Last updated: 10.8.2020