Summer Studies 2019

General info

The Faculty, the Open University and the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia organize courses during the summer of 2019.

In order to do summer studies, you need to have an existing study right to the University of Oulu and you must have registered as present, so that you studies can be recorded into Weboodi.

Please see the summer studies of the entire university and info on registering here. Information on study allowance during summer you can find here and on Kela’s wepages.

Read the following instructions carefully and in case you require further info, contact your degree program’s education designer or send your questions to

Faculty’s Summer courses

Below is a list of the Faculty’s courses and exam dates during the summer. Registration for the courses starts in Weboodi on the 9.4. at 8.00 am and finishes on the 2.5. Students are accepted into the courses by the order of registration. The Faculty organizes two exam dates during the summer (14.6.2019 and 23.8.2019).  The exams will be published in March and you can register to the exams via Weboodi before 31.5.

Courses organized during summer 2019 (bolded courses offered in English):

407040A Basic Course in Quantitative Research

407041A Basic Course in Qualitative Research

413031S Advanced course in qualitative research

408044S Thesis Seminar, summer course

407045A Bachelor's Thesis, summer course

413060S Educational semiotics ECTS credits: 5
Person responsible: Eetu Pikkarainen
Link to the registration: in Optima
Target group: Students at the University of Oulu
Schedule (starting and ending dates):
Implementor (e.g. Faculty or Research Unit): Faculty of Education
Additional information:

407523A Plurilingualism and Education in the 21st Century (Online course)

407518A Global Citizenship Education (Online course)

408014S Pedagogical Challenges in Research: Literature Course. Info on the course 8.5, 10.15-12 IT106, registration starts 9.5. in WebOodi.

410088P Philosophical and Ethical Foundations and Objectives of Education; the course work started during the actual semester can be returned during the summer.

408038S Thematic Practice (thematic practice)

If you have registered but cannot participate, please CANCEL your registration. This enables the participation of another student who might need the studies. Summer courses include special arrangements which means that you can only complete the course with the given instructions during the same summer. Ensure that you return all your independent work in August, before the semester starts.

Library’s information retrival training during the summer 2019:

407045A Information retrieval course (Education) (intensive period + summer). Registration in Weboodi.

The Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia’s summer courses

Degree students at the University of Oulu can study courses belonging to their degrees at the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia. Their course listing can be found on their webpage.

Please note that

  • Part of the Summer University’s courses are free for degree students. If a course is free, there is a mention in the course description and in this case you do not need to pay, or to ask the faculty’s for a promissory note. When registering to a course that has a fee which the faculty doesn’t cover, you need to pay it yourself.
  • When registering to the courses through the Summer University, it is important to mark your name and degree program correctly and state very clearly that you are a degree student.
  • Check the Summer University’s websites regularly as some courses still lack specific schedules.
  • Students need to complete the Summer university’s courses within the assigned time limits.
  • From the Summer University’s website, you find out information on how to cancel your participation and the payments in case you fail to do so in time.

Last updated: 30.4.2019