Sociology, Basic and Intermediate Studies (25 + 35)

Sociology, often referred to as general social studies, became an academic subject at the turn of the 20 th century. It seeks to find scientific explanations and understandings for how different social structures, cultures and the ties, relationships and networks between humans and groups develop. As a general social science, it also attempts to create a broader picture of societal structures and social action, and its special fields cover a range of extraordinarily complex research areas. In addition, sociology develops methods and general theories on society from globalisation to the smaller ways of social interaction, which can be used in empirical social research as well as other fields of applied research in humanistic studies.

In the Faculty of Education, sociology teaching and research focus on environmental and educational sociology in addition to general sociology. Sociology can be studied at basic level or intermediate level (up to 60 ECTS credits)

A211401 Basic Studies in Sociology, 25 credits:

  • 414067P Basic Course in Sociology, 5 credits
  • 414078P Introduction to Methodology and Methodics, 5 credits
  • 414079P Current Research, 5 credits
  • Research Areas in Social Sciences, 10 credits: choose two from the following: 414080P Perhe- ja ikäkausitutkimus, 414081P Yhteiskuntatieteellinen ympäristötutkimus, 414082P Globalisaatio, 414083P Kasvatussosiologia (ei kasvatustiedettä opiskelleille.), 414084P Rasismin ja monikulttuurisuuden sosiologia

A211402 Sociology, Intermediate Studies, 35 ECTS cr

  • 414070A History of Sociology, 5 credits
  • 414071A Modern Trends in Sociology, 5 credits
  • 414076A Research Methods in Sociology, 5 credits
  • 414073A Social Structure and Change, 5 credits
  • 414077A Project Studies, 5 credits
  • Special fields of sociology: choose 2 special fields

Application Guidance

Sosiology is a free minor subject to all students of Oulu University. You can start studying by registering to courses.

Person in Charge

Basic Studies: Anu Alanko

Intermediate Studies: professor Vesa Puuronen

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