Education, Basic and Intermediate Studies (25 + 35)

At the end of the module, the student is expected to be able to analytically understand and describe pedagogical phenomena connected with the various stages and situations in a human being's growth as well as pedsagogical interaction in different areas of the educational field. To understand and describe thes phenomena, s/he knows how to use the basic concepts and theories in the classic fields of education and knowledge on the historical development of educational activity and thinking The student also knows how to use various academic study and working methods and is able to conduct independent literary work and is getting oriented to educational expertise and research.

The course descriptions are found on WebOodi.

Application Procedure

The study right for education as a minor subject is for all present educational psychology majoring students of the faculty of Education.

The students of other faculties have to apply for the study right by August 15th. The study right is applied for the basic and intermediate studies separately. Time to pursue the studies is 2 study years per each entity.

The forms are available at

Application Guidance

Further information: NN. Questions concerning the study rights: Helena Seppälä.

Person in Charge

Basic studies: Veli-Matti Ulvinen
Intermediate studies: Katariina Holma.

More Information on the Studies

If your major subject is education, you cannot have education as a minor subject.

More information on WebOodi.

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Last updated: 4.7.2017