Study requirements for a PhD

Study Requirements

Major subjects 

Education, Educational Psychology, Music Education and Special Education.

Doctoral thesis

A doctoral thesis can either be a monograph or consist of a bundle of articles. A thesis consisting of articles comprises at least three blind-reviewed articles accepted for publication, and a summary article. They should preferably be published in JUFO classified journals. The publications can also be in Finnish. One of the publications can also be a so-called conference proceedings article or an article in an edited volume, provided that the publication has been blind reviewed. The doctoral candidate shall be the first author in at least two of the publications. If the doctoral candidate is the second author in a publication, the summary shall provide a clear-cut description of the candidate’s contribution to it.

Tutkinnon rakenne

In accordance with the personal plan for doctoral studies, the doctoral degree in education consists of studies in support of thesis research (30 credits), production of the doctoral thesis, and its public examination. The training is based on a personal study plan composed by the student (OodiHOPS) in collaboration with the thesis supervisor(s).
At the University of Oulu, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Education) comprises the following studies (30 credits):  
I)    General and transferable skills studies (4 credits):
Introduction to doctoral studies, 1 credit
Science ethics, 2 credits
Follow-up group meetings, 1 credit

II)    Discipline-specific studies (26 op)
Research plan seminar, 4 credits
Studies in education, 22 credits

III)    Doctoral thesis and defending it in a public examination (

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