Supervision of doctoral studies

The research training is linked to the faculty’s research groups and focal areas of research. The core areas of research in the Faculty of Education are as follows: 1) Learning and Learning Processes, 2) Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities, and 3) Values, Ideologies and Social Contexts of Education.

Each postgraduate student has a right to receive appropriate supervision. This comprises supervisory discussions, student activity and steering group activity. An eligible main supervisor is either a professor or an adjunct professor in the faculty. The second supervisor holds a PhD degree as a minimum requirement.

A steering group is nominated to oversee a student's work. The members of this group are nominated by the main supervisor and the student. The task of the steering group is to help the student in conflict situations and to comment on the PhD research prior to its publication.

PLEASE NOTE: A prospective postgraduate applicant should be in contact with a possible first supervisor already before applying for the University of Oulu Graduate School.

Last updated: 14.9.2017