Student Exchange at the Faculty of Education

Applications for Faculty's Erasmus and Nordplus exchanges open 4.2.-1.3.2019!

Slides for the exchange info session on the 7th of February 2019

The exchange application is completed through SoleMove system:

The required attachments for the application are:

- Preliminary study plan (use Erasmus+ learning agreement template)

- Transcript of records

Accepted students receive a grant and more info on these:


You can browse the faculty's exchange places also through the University's new Globe service:


General Information about Exchanges:

Students at the Faculty of Education can complete a part of their studies abroad through different exchange programmes. These programmes are:

  • ERASMUS: European countries
  • NORDPLUS: Nordic Countries
  • UNIVERSITY OF OULU BILATERAL AGREEMENTS: North and South America, Asia, Australia
  • ISEP: United States
  • International to International ISEP: North and South America, Asia
  • NORTH TO NORTH: Universities in the northern regions in North-America, Nordic countries and Russia
  • FIRST: Russia

The duration of an exchange is from one semester to an academic year. Students going on exchanges through the existing programmes will receive a subsistence grant and/or a travel grant. The receiving institution will help with the accommodation arrangements. Studies completed during the exchange will be included in the students' degree. Application times and procedures vary in different exchange programmes.

The Faculty of Education coordinates the Erasmus, Nordplus places and also the University of Melbourne in Australia from the bilateral partnerships. Application deadlines are in February for the following Fall and Spring semesters. With Erasmus and Nordplus, there will also be an additional round of applications in September-October for the following Spring semester that includes places which were not filled during the Spring and which are still possible to apply in September. Information on different application rounds will be distributed via e-mail. For questions, please contact the Faculty's exchange contact person, Jani Haapakoski,, tel. +358294 483715, office KE225. Office hour Mondays 12-14 (except February 2019, Mondays 9-11). For other times, browse calendar here and suggest 2 or 3 times via email.

The other exchange programmes are coordinated by the centralised Academic Affairs:


Last updated: 12.2.2019