Doctoral Programme

The doctoral programme in the Faculty of Education is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme in the educational sciences, providing research training leading to a doctoral degree. A Doctor of Philosophy (Education) is capable of working as an academic researcher and in demanding expert duties in society. Graduates from the Doctoral Programme in Education find employment in research, development, teaching and management tasks requiring special skills and expertise in the educational sciences in Finland and abroad.

Doctor of Philosophy (Education):

  • Is able to create new knowledge and follow ethical code of conduct.
  • Is capable of independent scientific and professional research.
  • Is deeply familiar with developments and basic problems in his or her field.
  • Masters the essential knowledge production methods in his or her field, and knows how to apply and develop them independently and critically
  • Is capable of applying and developing new ideas, theories and approaches in demanding environments.
  • Knows how to apply research knowledge on his or her own field to solve problems of social significance and in demanding expert functions in working life.
  • Is capable of synthesizing and solving of complex problems required by research and innovation activities and expansion/redefinition of knowledge and/or professional practices.
  • Is capable of taking part in research-based development of his or her branch of science and professional competence areas.
  • Is capable of continuous learning.
  • Knows how to communicate well, orally and in writing, matters related to his or her own field of research and science and/or professional field to both the scientific community and the general public.
  • Is capable of demanding international communication and interaction.

Doctoral training at the Faculty of Education is part of the University of Oulu Graduate School. Study rights are applied from the Graduate School.

More information

University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS), coordinators, human sciences
Elina Pernu and Niina Timosaari

University of Oulu Human Sciences Doctoral Programme (HS-DP), coordinator
Janne Kurtakko

Faculty of Education Doctoral Programme, staff member in charge
Professor Elina Lehtomäki

Faculty of Education Doctoral Programme, coordinator
Postdoctoral researcher Sonja Lutovac



Licentiate Degree in the Faculty of Education
A licentiate thesis can be a uniform unpublished manuscript. A licentiate thesis can also consist of (at least) two scientific articles on the same range of topics, both of which have been published or been accepted for publication, together with a summary of them which shall include an introduction, the articles and conclusions. The scientific and general requirement level of an article-based thesis shall be equal to a uniform monograph. An article-based study cannot include parts from a previous licentiate thesis written by the author. Co-authored publications can be included, if the author’s independent share in them can be shown. A uniform printed and published book can also be accepted as a licentiate thesis, in which case the general instructions for article-based theses are applied.

A licentiate thesis is submitted in two bound copies and one loose-leaf copy to the study affairs service desk. 

Doctoral programme coordinator, Faculty of Education
Helena Seppälä, Lead Specialist, Academic Affairs