EDGE Members

Elina Lehtomäki, PhD, is the professor of global education and the leader of EDGE research group as well as the academic leader for the Intercultural Teacher Education and Education and Globalisation programmes. Elina’s research interests include the social meaning of education, global education, responsibility and internationalization in higher education, culturally responsive and inclusive education, international expertise, and researcher education. She has worked as a senior researcher at the Faculty of Education, University of Jyväskylä and been a visiting researcher at the Global Partnership for Education, Washington D.C., University of Dar es Salaam, University of Regensburg, Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris, and the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Elina is also a docent of the University of Helsinki. Elina Lehtomäki has worked as a post-doctoral researcher with the interdisciplinary research cluster Work, Learning and Welfare, and been the principal investigator of the Academy of Finland funded research project Educated Girls and Women: Socio-cultural meaning of education in Tanzania collaborating with Dar es Salaam, Helsinki and Jyväskylä. She belongs to international, European and Finnish higher education and development education research networks. Elina Lehtomäki has contributed to negotiations related to quality education for all in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and been an invited expert to UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank. She has a long-term experience in collaboration with colleagues in African countries through universities, ministries, non-governmental organizations and international organizations. Elina Lehtomäki's researcher profile.

Katri Jokikokko, PhD, is a university lecturer specialized in intercultural education, at the Faculty of Education.  Before her university career she worked as a primary school teacher.  Her main research interests include intercultural education, intercultural competences and intercultural learning especially in the context of teachers' work and teacher education. In her recent research she has focused on the role of emotions in teachers' intercultural learning processes.

Marta Licardo, PhD, is assistant professor at University of Maribor, Faculty of Education, Slovenia. She is head of the Department for Preschool Education. Her research interests are social sciences, didactics/instructional design, education of migrant children, education of students with special needs, inclusion, learning to learn, preschool education, elementary education and pedagogy. Her recent projects are: E-learning system for teachers who work with migrant students, Development and implementation of innovative learning environment and flexible learning for improvement of general competences. Program set: reading literacy and development of Slovenian language, International Learning Module for Early Years Education (Erasmus+), Development of the support program for children refugees in inclusion to social environment, Didactical material and methods for work with migrant children in early childhood period, National study - Study on the status of organization of special groups of students in higher education. Marta Licardo’s researcher profile.

Audrey Paradis, PhD (Education) is a post-doctoral researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Education. Since she completed her PhD project about the autonomy of Canadian and Finnish teachers, her research has now evolved in 2 main directions. One is about community-based participatory research, researching the methodology itself but also using it to research Indigenous teacher education and culturally responsive education. The other research avenue is about mathematics teaching and collaborative learning.
She has been an educator for most of her professional career, more recently teaching in the Faculty of Education since 2014, to Masters' Students, and Intercultural Teacher Education students. In that faculty, she also supervises Bachelor's and Master's thesis. She is a proud EdGlo alumni and completed her Master's in Education in 2013. Before then, she evolved as a high school mathematics, physics and chemistry teacher in NWT, Canada.

Lijuan WANG, Post-doctoral researcher. My research focuses on education, cultural diversity and social inequality, particularly in China and in Finland. In China, I have conducted research on social, ethnic, and geographic disparities in education and employment. I evaluate the educational policy in regard of Chinese minority students’ educational opportunity, the respect of minority students’ cultural diversity within the aim to ameliorate the educational equality. I have conducted research projects on Chinese Yi minority students’ academic outcomes; on Yi/Mandarin bilingual education and the impact on Yi minority students’ employment. Recently, I am conducting the comparative studies on Early Childhood Education and Care in Finland and in China, with focus on children of minority and immigration backgrounds.

Antti Rajala, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher. Antti Rajala, PhD (Education) is a post-doctoral researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Education. In his doctoral dissertation he studied agency-centered pedagogy and how learning can be connected between in and out-of-school contexts. Rajala has conducted video-based and ethnographic research in schools and early childhood settings on the topics of global education, cultures of compassion, and agency in education. Currently, he leads the project Pedagogy of concrete utopias: Fostering youth agency and climate activism in formal education (Academy of Finland and Maj and Thor Nessling Foundaton, 2020-2023). Rajala serves in the team of editors in several distinguished international journals (Mind, Culture and Activity; Frontline Learning Research; Outlines: Critical Practice Studies). He co-coordinates the SIG 25 on educational theory in European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) and SIG on Global Education in Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA). Rajala’s research interests include themes like Global education, Climate activism, Agency in education, Cultures of compassion and Learning across formal and informal contexts.

Jani Haapakoski, PhD (Education). His PhD research explored obstacles for more ethically-driven internationalization processes in Higher Education through critiques of neoliberalism and liberalism.

Esa Törmänen, MA (Education & English Philology) is a doctoral student at the University of Oulu and an EDGLO graduate (2015). His current research interests are northern education export/global education ecosystems with a primary aim of discovering how innovative education export/global education ecosystems can be developed in regional, national and transnational contexts. As a part of his research he also examines how to build common knowledge in systems of distributed expertise.

Marie Arrey is a PhD student at the Faculty of Education. Her doctoral study seeks to find out what spaces teachers have left to determine the value of higher education beyond neoliberal market fundamentalism which conceptualises higher education in purely economic, utilitarian and instrumental terms. In the wake of increasing neoliberal pressures on higher education institutions to adopt market-oriented educational practices, her doctoral thesis is an empirical study of university teachers' agency to conceptualise the value of higher education outside the scope of economic utilitarianism and productivity.  

Boby Mafi, MA (Education), is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Education and an EDGLO graduate (2011). His research focuses on antiracism education in Finnish higher education dealing with what makes antiracism education performative or non-performative as a means to extend the possibilities of antiracism education based on reciprocal recognition and radical interdependence. Its located at the intersection of ethics, knowledge, affect, and politics. I try to make sense of how bodies acquire or lose meaning/value under different schema by interrogating the histories, principles and practices engendered by such schema in and through the discourses of denial of racism on social media.

Fadilla Mutiarawati is PhD student in the Faculty of Education. She  graduated from Edglo in 2012. For her doctoral thesis she will conduct critical participatory action research with indigenous community. Her thesis is about indigenous community involvement towards just and sustainable formal education system.

Iida Kauhanen, MA (Education) is a doctoral student at the faculty of education. She graduated from the ITE (Intercultural Teacher Education) programme in 2008.  She is a member of EDGE and SCUE (Social Contexts of Upbringing and Education) research teams. Her research concentrates on the lives of unaccompanied asylum seeking youth throughout and after the asylum-seeking process, with a special focus on normative structures and ideologies that shape the every-day life situations. The aim of the study is to enhance social justice and awareness of asylum seeking as a phenomenon by amplifying the voices of asylum seeking youth and creating dialogue within the society. She is interested in methodological and philosophical discussions of academic research.

Magda Karjalainen,  MA (Education) graduated from the EDGLO program in 2009. She has been teaching in the two EDGE related programmes in the areas of qualitative methodology, comparative education, globalization, and linguistic diversity in education. She is interested in the politics of knowledge (re)production, especially in the contexts of international/global higher education, through decolonial thinking. In her autoethnographic doctoral research, she holistically explores her relations within the Finnish academia as an international student/teacher/researcher, with a specific focus on the conceptualization and role of dialogue/encounter, not only as a cognitive process, but also as an embodied presence. She is interested in ontoepistemological and methodological discussions that blur boundaries such as those between science and art, humanities and social sciences, mind and body, or professional and personal.

Anu Railasto-Moran, MA (Education) and M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration), is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Education. In her Phd research, she focuses on Education as a Commodity, the Commodification of Education and the impact of Educational Export on Finnish general upper secondary education. The interdisciplinary study draws from educational sciences, welfare state theory and economics. Anu, a graduate of ITE and former classroom teacher, also teaches teacher education students and EDGLO master’s degree students at Oulu University.  

Maria Petäjäniemi, MA (Education) is a doctoral student at the University of Oulu. In her doctoral thesis she is conducting an ethnographic research with young adult asylum seeking men living in Northern Finland, focusing on sense of belonging and social participation in everyday life.

Sebastiao Teatini, MA (Education) is a doctoral student at the University of Oulu and an EDGLO graduate (2014). His research is about the possible consequences of a globalized surveillance system and what bearings it may have on individual privacy rights and society. He is particularly interested in the coming societal transformations that will take place over the next 5-10 years, with focus on Nordic Countries. Sebastiao is studying the intricacies of the relation between the social, political, ethical and technical aspects within the ever expanding new surveillance paradigm.

Raisa Lantto is a lecturer at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. Her Phd thesis topic is Where does culture end, and the individual begins? The significance of cultural background and language proficiency in learning. Non-native Finnish speaking adult students' experiences and meaning-making of the challenges in Health Care and Social Services Studies.

Ros Cooper, MA (Education) is a doctoral student at the University of Oulu. Her research interests are sustainability, gross national happiness, participatory action research and transformative pedagogy. Ros works as a freelance educator facilitating courses in educational sciences, sustainability, documentary film-making and English language.

Kiyoko Uematsu-Ervasti, PhD (Education), is an assistant professor at Yokohama National University, and a researcher at the University of Oulu. Her doctoral research focused on global perspectives of student teachers in Oulu and Hiroshima. Her research interests include global citizenship education, comparative education, and teacher education. 

Anna-Kaisa Pudas. PhD (Education). Her dissertation (2015) focuses on gobal eduation and specifically on the implementation of global education in Finnish national comprehensive schools. She has worked in the field of education for more than 20 years in Finland and in Thailand. Her areas of interest are global education, citizenship education, and social learning - especially from a comprehensive school perspective.

Raimo Salo works as a coordinator for minority groups’ education within the Education and Culture department of the city of Oulu, coordinating and developing education of migrants and Roma people. In addition to this he works part-time in pre- and in-service training for teachers mainly about minority groups’ education.  Raimo’s thesis focuses on teachers’ perceptions in regard to the use of a pedagogical model, and how its effects on their teaching, pedagogics and professional development. The other focus is on their perceptions of the model’s use and possibilities in migrants’ education in general. Raimo’s research interests are teacher education, minority groups’ education, pedagogics, inclusion, global citizenship and peer mentoring. Raimo has planned and managed several national and international projects and been the chairperson of a steering committee in two EU funded projects.

Lucia Shote is a Master's degree graduate from EDGLO 2009. Her research focuses on development of intercultural cooperation, particularly about the role higher education is playing in the integration of immigrant students from sub-Saharan Africa who are residents in Finland. Lucia’s research interests are in sociocultural issues and educational issues in relation to migrants, internationalisation in higher education, sustainable development and global citizenship education.

Maria-Liisa Järvelä, PhD, Docent, MA (Linguistics). Maria is a former professor of global education (retired 2017). Her educational background is in humanities and social sciences. Maria’s research interests are intercultural education and cultural studies, including gender and film studies. Maria’s dissertation (1996) focused on women’s autobiographies.

Rauni Räsänen, PhD, is a former professor of global education (retired 2009), specialized in global education, at the Faculty of Education.  Before her university career she worked as a primary and secondary school teacher and as a provincial advisor for language teaching. She was one of the initiators and developers of MEd international (now Intercultural teacher education) and Education and Globalization programs at the University of Oulu.  Her main research interests include action research, ethics of education, values and education, global education, intercultural education and North-South relations.