UKids - Youth Start Social Entrepreneurship Programme for Kids


Project description

The UKids is an international project between Austria, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands and Portugal funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project aims to implement Social Entrepreneurship Education in teacher training in the form of teaching and learning courses for the primary level and projects at the partner schools. The results of the Erasmus+ Policy Experimentation Project “Youth Start Entrepreneurial Challenges” ( are the building blocks of the UKids. Its teaching and learning arrangements for the elementary level are used and new ones developed. The objective of Social Entrepreneurship Education is to teach skills, knowledges and an attitude to improve one´s own life and the lives of others. Entrepreneurship, learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, responsibility, autonomy, creativity, curiosity and taking initiative are important parts of this. An action research approach is used for scientific monitoring of the project. In Finland, the UKids is implemented in close cooperation with the University of Oulu and the Ritaharju School.

Project coordinator

KPH Vienna/Krems