Primary Teacher Education

Primary teacher education gives the student a diversified professional competence and qualifications for work as a primary teacher. The education includes several specialisation options and opportunities to take part in a variety of experimental and cooperation projects. The education also offers a strong basis for research work.

The students complete a 180 ECTS credit Bachelor's degree followed by a 120 ECTS credit Master's degree.

There are four different programmes:
Broadly-Based Primary Teacher Education
Creative Arts Oriented Primary Teacher Education
Technology Oriented Primary Teacher Education
Intercultural Teacher Education

There is two different opportunities to apply for primary teacher edudation: Intercultural Teacher Education Programme (intake 20,the teaching is provided in English) and Primary Teacher Education Programme (intake 100).

In the annual intake (100 students) to the Primary Teacher Education Programme also includes the Creative Arts and Technology Oriented programmes. In other words, there is not any special application procedure for the latter two programmes, as the selection of students to these specially oriented programmes takes place at the beginning of the studies. The teaching is provided in Finnish.

Course structure diagrams and other information can be found from here.

Last updated: 29.5.2017