Professional Studies in Early Childhood Education 60 ECTS cr

The Professional Studies constitute a compulsory minor subject in the Bachelor's degree in early childhood education.

Limited number of students in other degree programmes will also be able to pursue these studies.

The Professional Studies in Early Childhood Education is a minor subject that suits well students who also want to qualify for work as early educators.

Learning outcomes

  • knows how to work as a kindergarten/preschool  teacher as a pedagogical expert of  a small child's growth, development and learning in interaction with children, parents and other cooperation partners.
  • is capable of independent and theoretical thinking and research work
  • knows how to apply his/her theoretical knowledge in practical pedagogy and in the development of her/his own and his/her work community’s activities in  early childhood education
  • knows how to observe and identify a child's individual needs and take them as a starting point to support and assess the child's learning process
  • understands the meaning of play, movement, exploration, and crafts and arts for a child’s balanced growth, development and learning
  • knows how to integrate the  contents of the curriculum into meaningful learning modules
  • knows how to evaluate early childhood education broadly from the viewpoint of sustainable development,  paying attention to the cultural, social, economic and ecological dimensions
  • identifies the status of early childhood and preprimary education and  the challenges faced by them in a changing society

The studies are divided into the pedagogy of learning, pedagogical content studies in early childhood education, and supervised teaching practice.

Application Procedure

Application Procedures are described only in Finnish at The language of instruction is Finnish.

The right to pursue studies for a minor subject is given for the subsequent two academic years. The duration of the right is two academic years.

For the application forms, see

Application Guidance

More details on applying for the right to pursue studies in a minor subject are available from the Faculty’s study advisors, especially Hennariikka Valppu-Paaso or Minna Sainio. Any questions related to study rights should be addressed to Helena Seppälä, Chief Academic Officer.

Person in Charge

Pirjo Suvilehto

More Information on the Studies

A more detailed description of the Professional Studies in Early Childhood Education including the courses involved is to be found in the Faculty of Education Catalogue of Early Childhood Education on WebOodi.

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Last updated: 15.2.2019