Special Education

Special Education in the University of Oulu

Special education can be studied as a minor subject at the University of Oulu. It is part of primary, subject and kindergarten teacher education and also included in the ITE programme. Research seminars focusing on special education are organised at Bachelor and Master levels. We also have a postgraduate seminar in special education.

The management group for special education consists of the professor, lecturers and other actors in this paticular field. In the academic year 2018-2019 its members are Professor Marjatta Takala, Lecturer Marko Kielinen, Lecturer Tuomo Vilppola, Lecturer Ossi Helander, Lecturer Lea Veivo, Elina Viljamaa, Helena Miettunen and Academic officer Jenni Palomaa/Minna Sainio.

Research projects in special education currently in progress involve, among other things, the problems of learning and behaviour, mathematics learning difficulties, three-tier support, challenges caused by sensory and physical disabilities, and Nordic cooperation in special education.


Last updated: 4.9.2018