Student Guilds

Lastarit ry
Student guild for early childhood education in Oulu
E-mail: lastarithal(at)

Motiva ry
Student guild for the education programme
E-mail: motiva.hallitus(at)

Mukava ry
Student guild for music education
E-mail: mukava(at)

Oulun luokanopettajaopiskelijat ry/ OLO ry
Student guild for primary teacher education in Oulu
E-mail: olo(at)

Ohari ry
Student guild for subject teacher education in Oulu
E-mail: ohari(at)
Mailing list: ohari-hallitus(at)

Spessu ry
Student guild for special education
E-mail: Paivikki.Salo-oja(at) and Anni.Tuomela(at)


The general function of a student guild is to

  • promote and supervise the interests of its members in their study, social, cultural and professional matters;
  • organise leisure activities;
  • maintain contacts with different parties inside and outside the Faculty and university;
  • support the studies by means of subsidies and scholarships; and
  • pursue non-profit publications and information activities.


  • The students and their guilds participate actively in the development and profiling of their departments.
  • The guilds arrange leisure events, sports events etc. as well as visits and celebrations.
  • Popular sports include floorball, pesäpallo, football and rinkball.
  • Recurrent celebrations such as anniversaries, graduation parties, welcoming and thanksgiving parties and Christmas parties.

Cooperation partners

  • Other student guilds within the university and everywhere in Finland
  • Student Union of the University of Oulu
  • SOOL (Teacher Student Union of Finland),  SLOL (Association of Kindergarten Teachers in Finland), OAJ (Trade Union of Education in Finland)
  • other corporations and companies.

Support and scholarships

  • The student guilds subsidize excursions connected with studies and different trips on behalf of the organisation such as the "Winter Days" as allowed by their financies.
  • The student guilds also try to support the students' leisure activities.

Last updated: 8.12.2017