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General information for Bachelor's and Master's Theses

Maturity Test

Students preparing for either a Bachelor's or Master's degree shall pass a maturity test. The purpose of the test is to show that the student masters both her or his field of research and proper language usage. The maturity test is taken in Examinarium  or can be agreed with the thesis supervisor.

The Education Committee has made the decision that no separate maturity test is taken any longer in connection with the Master’s thesis, as the test is replaced by the thesis abstract. However, if you did not do the maturity test in connection with your Bachelor’s thesis, you do need to do it in connection with the Master’s thesis (especially students of Master's Programme in Education in Globalisation and Master's Programme in Learning, Education and Technolgy).

Bachelor's Thesis

For the Bachelor's degree, a Bachelor's thesis shall be written on the field of the major subject.

Coordinator for the Bachelor's thesis groups is Sari Harmoinen.

Master's Thesis

For the Master's degree, a Master's thesis shall be written by the student. The Master's thesis can be a joint work by two or more students, provided that each student's autonomous share of the thesis can be identified and assessed. The purpose of the thesis is to show that the student has familiarised her/himself with the range of topics represented by the thesis, that s/he has a capacity for scientific thinking and that s/he has a mastery of research methods.

Coordinator for the Masterś thesis groups is Hannu Heikkinen.


      Last updated: 2.10.2019