Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities

Research in the unit of Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities (TTEC) focuses on education as a relational phenomenon in the areas of teacher and childhood research and research on identity, emotions and values in educational communities. TTEC educates professionals in various educational fields, from early childhood education to higher education. TTEC contributes to the development of educational and human sciences theoretically, methodologically and by advancing empirical knowledge about the complexity of relations that shape humans in changing educational communities. 
Researchers draw upon many theoretical concepts, such as affect and emotion; identity and professional development; belonging and inclusion; and politics and values in education from a relational viewpoint. The research draws from and further develops qualitative and mixed methodologies that enable researchers to capture the complexity of relations in education and society. The strength of TTEC is in developing narrative methodologies, and more recently, discursive, ethnographic and post-qualitative approaches.


Special Education research community (SpEdu)

Professor Marjatta Takala



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