Gender Studies (25 ECTS cr + 35 ECTS cr)

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary, multi- and cross-disciplinary field of teaching and research that is challenging the traditional paradigms. The fundamental task is to design, implement and develop teaching and research that is gender-sensitive, gender-aware and gender-critical. 

The starting-point for this academic field has been in the research and study of women's historical, cultural and social status, but the issues dealt with have broadened gradually, which is also testified by the name of the discipline: there has been a move from "Women's studies" to "Gender studies". Issues are looked at from an intersectional point of view, i.e. things like gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, age, disability and other matters gaining meaning in various ways both simultaneously and at different times in people's everyday lives. 

Gender Studies cooperates both inside and outside the university. Teaching is organised in collaboration with various faculties and units. There is research and development cooperation inside the university but also nationally and internationally.

Application Procedure

All students who have registered as attending students at the University of Oulu have the right to pursue Gender Studies.

Person in Charge

The person in charge of the minor subject studies is Vappu Sunnari.

More Information on the Studies

A more detailed description of Gender Studies including the courses involved is to be found in the Faculty of Education Catalogue of Minor Subject Studies on WebOodi and

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Last updated: 19.2.2019