Elektroniikan piirit ja järjestelmät, väitöskirjat

Schuss, Christian (2017)

Measurement techniques and results aiding the design of photovoltaic energy harvesting systems

Lanz, Brigitte (2016)

Compact current pulse-pumped GaAs–AlGaAs laser diode structures for generating high peak-power (1–50 watt) picosecond-range single optical pulses

Keränen, Pekka (2016)

High precision time-to-digital converters for applications requiring a wide measurement range

Hallman, Lauri (2015)

Single photon detection based devices and techniques for pulsed time-of-flight application

Kursu, Olli (2015)

Micromotion compensation and a neural recording and stimulation system for electrophysiological measurements

Duan,Guoyong (2013)

Three-dimensional effects and surface breakdown addressing efficiency and reliability problems in avalanche bipolar junction transistors

Jansson,Jussi-Pekka (2012)

A stabilized multi-channel CMOS time-to-digital converter based on a low frequency reference

Neitola,Marko (2012)

Characterizing and minimizing spurious responses in Delta-Sigma modulators

Lasanen,Kimmo (2011)

Integrated analogue CMOS circuits and structures for heart rate detectors and other low-voltage, low-power applications

Nissinen,Ilkka (2011)

CMOS time-to-digital converter structures for the integrated receiver of a pulsed time-of-flight laser rangefinder

Nissinen,Jan (2011)

Integrated CMOS circuits for laser radar transceivers

Korhonen,Esa (2010)

On-chip testing of A/D and D/A converters

Loikkanen,Mikko (2010)

Design and compensation of high performance class AB amplifiers

Borkowski,Maciej (2008)

Digital Δ - Σ Modulation Variable modulus and tonal behaviour in a fixed-point digital environment

Aikio,Janne P. (2007)

Frequency domain model fitting and Volterra analysis implemented on top of harmonic balance simulation

Lyöri,Veijo (2007)

Structural monitoring with fibre-optic sensors using the pulsed time-of-flight method and other measurement techniques

Karvonen,Sami (2006)

Charge-domain sampling of high-frequency signals with embedded filtering

Kilpelä,Ari (2004)

Pulsed time-of-flight laser range finder techniques for fast, high precision measurement applications.

Mäntyniemi,Antti (2004)

An integrated CMOS high precision time-to-digital converter based on stabilised three-stage delay line interpolation.

Palojärvi,Pasi (2003)

Integrated electronic and optoelectronic circuits and devices for pulsed time-of-flight laser rangefinding.

Häkkinen,Juha (2002)

Integrated RF building blocks for base station applications.

Vuolevi,Joel (2001)

Analysis, measurement and cancellation of the bandwidth and amplitude dependence of intermodulation distortion in RF power amplifiers.

Mäkynen,Anssi (2000)

Position-sensitive devices and sensor systems for optical tracking and displacement sensing applications.

Ruotsalainen,Tarmo (1999)

Integrated receiver channel circuits and structures for a pulsed time-of-flight laser radar.

Räisänen-Ruotsalainen,Elvi (1998)

Integrated time-to-digital converter implementations.

Ruha,Antti (1998)

Detection of heart beat in ambulatory heart rate measurements, Methods and integrated circuits.

Lahti,Jukka (1995)

Graphical specification methods for datapath and control units of application specific integrated circuits .

Määttä,Kari (1995)

Pulsed time-of-light laser rangefinding techniques and devices for hot surface profiling and other industrial applications .

Nissilä,Seppo (1995)

On the use of optical fibres in industrial sensor applications .

Rahkonen,Timo (1992)

Circuit techniques and integrated CMOS implementations for measuring short time intervals .

Kopola,Harri (1988)

Intensity-modulated fibre optic sensors for robotic, medical and industrial applications .

Ahola,Raimo (1987)

A pulsed time-of-flight laser rangefinder for fast, short-range, high resolution applications

Heinula,Juhani (1986)

Performance analysis, modelling and measurement in a hierarchically distributed computer system .

Kostamovaara,Juha (1986)

Techniques and devices for positron lifetime measurement and time-of-flight laser rangefinding .

Heusala,Hannu (1984)

Design considerations for positron emission and transmission tomographs used for industrial applications .

Säynäjäkangas,Seppo (1973)

A non-destructive electromagnetic method for structural studies of ferrous alloys

Otala,Matti (1969)

The theory and construction of a proposed superconducting aeromagnetic gradiometer

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