Circuits and Systems Group

The CAS group consists of three sub-groups, which are led by Academy Professor Juha Kostamovaara, Professor Timo Rahkonen and Professor Juha Häkkinen. The research of all the subgroups is concentrated on circuits and system design using various technologies. The group of Juha Kostamovaara focuses on high speed pulse electronics with the focus on pulsed time-flight techniques and the development of related circuits, devices and applications. The specialty of this group is that in addition to electronics, it has also strong experience in optoelectronic circuits and devices. The group is a member of the national Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research. The group of Timo Rahkonen focuses on linearization of electronics with the emphasis on analysis and correction of non-linear distortion. The group of Prof. Juha Häkkinen focuses especially on emerging components and technologies such as flexible memristors and CNT (carbon nano tube) assisted printed electronics.

High-speed pulse electronics

Linearization of electronics

Emerging components and technologies

Last updated: 15.8.2013