Investigation of structured light propagation in complex random media, including bio-tissues (2017-2021)

Interaction of complex structured light with biological tissues, cells and cell’s organelles will be studied for the first time to our knowledge. The main goals of the project include:

  • Investigation of structured light interaction with tissues, including cancerous, pre-cancerous and non-cancerous
  • Validation the approach through computational modeling, phantoms and in vitro studies
  • Map the SOP signature of structured light scattered in tissues on the Poincare sphere for various tissues, including normal, pre-neoplastic, and neoplastic tissues
  • Investigation of the technical feasibility of the experimental approach for further development of an endoscope for non-invasive in vivo diagnostics, to inform the range of cancer screening possibilities, including prostate, cervical, bladder, skin and oral cancer.

Last updated: 23.1.2017