Hyperspectral Stokes polarization imaging for detection of biotissues abnormalities (HyperStokes) 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2021

The project is devoted to the development of a new disruptive imaging technology for non-invasive, rapid and accurate assessment of biotissues with the particular emphasis on cancer detection. Specifically, we aim to determine whether our technology accurately and sensitively detects the pathological conditions of a tissue in real-time, which could potentially obviate the need for time-consuming and laborious histopathological processing of biopsy samples. With cancer treatment costing EU 124 bn (Finland – 0.7 bn) per year, not including the costs of reduced lifespan and ability to work, the potential for significant spillover benefits to the population from our new technology may be extremely huge. In addition, the developed detection approach can have a significant impact in various relevant strategically important areas including food quality control, label-free biosensing, pharmacy and health care.

Last updated: 29.11.2017