Post graduate studies

It is possible to achieve either a Doctor of Science (Technology), Doctor of Philosophy or Licentiate of Science (Technology) degree at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) is in the process of taking the responsibility of the post graduate studies in the whole university. For example, applications for the post graduate study rights and instructions of how to apply can be found at the UniOGS web pages. However, during the transition phase it is very important to follow carefully the instructions both from the UniOGS and from the Faculty of Technology.

For now, the phases of the post graduate studies are chronologically expressed in the curriculum of the Faculty of Technology. Some department specific additions have been stated in the Department of Electrical Engineering post graduate curriculum. More information on post graduate studies can be found on guidelines of the Faculty of Technology, and on guidelines updated at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Questions concerning post graduate studies should primarily be addressed to the supervisors of post graduate studies.

Last updated: 22.1.2014