Ahmadzadegan Hossein

Researcher, D.Sc. (Tech.) Can, M.Sc. (Tech.), Diploma Eng. (Tech)
Tel: +358 50 577 1790
Fax: +358 8 553 2774
Research Gate

Diploma Eng. (Tech) eq M.Sc. (Tech.), Technical University of Bucharest, Romania (www.upb.ro), 2008 resp 2010.
D.Sc. (Tech.), University of Vaasa, Finland (www.uva.fi), Exp 2014
D.Sc. (Tech.), University of Oulu, Finland (www.oulu.fi), Exp 2015

Areas of expertise
Computer and Network simulations, Security of NGN, Holographic Imaging, Digital Holography, CAD, MATLAB

The Kaute Foundation, Finland/Vaasa University Foundation Travel Grant, Finland/ Oulu UniOGS Travel grant, Finland/University of Lugano Scholarship, Switzerland

English (F/IELTS), Romanian (F/CR), Spanish (F/DELE), Finnish (B/ARBIS)

Technical Books

  1. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, "Security-Centric Investigation of WiMAX", LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany, ISBN 978-3-659-49567-0
  2. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, “Step by Step P Testing” LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany (To Appear in Early 2014)
  3. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, “OWASP Standard” Gostaresh Olum Paye Publishing Co.

General Books

  1. M. H. Ahmadzadegan,”Finland, the Land of Peace and Respect”, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany (To Appear in Early 2014)
  2. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, A. Shohani “Suomen Kieli”, Ensimäistä kerta Persiassa, Jungle Publications Co. (http://www.junglepub.org/)
  3. M. H. Ahmadzadegan,”Globalization of Economy from Dream to Reality” by IICT Publications Co.

Peer-Reviewed Conferences and Journal papers

  1. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, T. Fabritius “A Multi-Purpose Triangular Framework for M2M Communication Security” IEEE International Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems (WCCAIS, ICNCA), Hammamet, Tunisia, 2014.
  2. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, M. Elmusrati, R. Virrankoski, E. Antila “Security Centric Comparative Study of WiMAX and LTE” IEEE APWCS 2013, The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium, Seoul, South Korea, 2013.
  3. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, M. Elmusrati “WiMAX-Based Energy Efficient Intrusion Detection System” IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Biomimetics, & Intelligent Computational Systems (ROBIONETICS), Yogiakarta, Indonesia, 2013.
  4. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, T. Fabritius “Kiyotaki-Moore Approach to Wavefront Manipulation in Digital Comparative Holography” IEEE International Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA), Bali, Indonesia, 2013.
  5. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, M. Elmusrati "Secure Communication and Threats in fourth Generation Networks, International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering vol. 2, no. 5, pp. 630-634, 2013.
  6. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, M. Elmusrati “Kiyotaki-Moore Approach to Performance Devolution in Mobile WiMAX” IEEE 5th International Congress on Ultra-Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems (ICUMT), Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2013.
  7. M. H. Ahmadzadegan, M. Elmusrati “Hybrid security classification Approach to Attacks in WiMAX” IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Computing and Control (ISPCC), Shimla, India, 2013.

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