Remes Kari

Project Manager, M.Sc.
Tel: +358 294 487680
Fax: +358 8 553 2774
Room: TS254

1991: M.Sc.(Chem.), University of Oulu, Finland

Research experience and interests
Human health measuring
Inkjet-printed color filters, applications of printed intelligence.
Measurement and characterization techniques applied to electronics and pulp (optical microscopy, imaging and spectroscopy techniques: UV-VIS-NIR, fluorescence, polarization/ellipsometry, X-ray, SIMS).

Areas of expertise
Application of measurement and characterization techniques to electronics.
Project management, development of R&D&I environments, networking and cross-linking (industry and research organizations, experts from different fields etc.), Bothnian Arc co-operation.

Finnish, English, Swedish

Selected publications

  1.  Remes, Kari; Leppänen, Kimmo; Fabritius, Tapio, "Thermography based online characterization of conductive thin films in large-scale electronics fabrication", Optics Express Vol. 26, Issue 2, pp. 1219-1229 (2018),
  2. Schuss, Christian; Remes, Kari; Leppänen, Kimmo; Saarela, Juha; Fabritius, Tapio; Eichberger, Bernd; Rahkonen, Timo (2018) Detecting Defects in Photovoltaic Panels With the Help of Synchronized Thermography. - IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 67 (5), 1178-1186 .
  3. C. Schuss, K. Remes , K. Leppänen, J. Saarela, T. Fabritius, B. Eichberger, and T. Rahkonen, “Defect Localisation in Photovoltaic Panels with the Help of Synchronized Thermography”, I2MTC 2017,  Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), 2017 IEEE International, 22-25 May 2017,  DOI: 10.1109/I2MTC.2017.7969889
  4. C. Schuss, K. Leppänen, K. Remes, J. Saarela, T. Fabritius, B. Eichberger, and T. Rahkonen, “Detecting Defects in Photovoltaic Cells and Panels and Evaluating the Impact on Output Performances”, IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas. 65(5), 1108 - 1119 (2016)
  5. Jokinen, Karoliina; Bykov, Alexander V.; Sliz, Rafal; Remes, Kari; Fabritius, Tapio; Myllylä, Risto (2015) Light Emission Color Conversion of Polyfluorene-Blend OLEDs Induced by Thermal Annealing. - IEEE transactions on electron devices 62 (7), 2238-2243
  6. K. Jokinen,A. Bykov,R. Sliz,K. Remes,T. Fabritius,R. Myllylä "Luminescence and Spectrum Variations Caused by Thermal Annealing in Undoped and Doped Polyfluorene OLEDs", Solid State Electronics, Volume 103, January 2015, Pages 184-189
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  9. C. Ye, O.M.  Sundström, K. Remes, “Microscopic transmission ellipsometry: measurement of the fibril angle and the relative phase retardation of single, intact wood pulp fibers”, Appl. Opt. 33 (28), 6626-6637 (1994).

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