Sliz Rafal

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D.Sc.(Tech.), 2007: M.Sc.(Tech.), both from University of Oulu, Finland

Research experience and interests
Organic and Inorganic Photovoltaics
Flexible and Printed Electronics

Areas of expertise
Material and device characterization, organic/inorganic photovoltaics devices fabrication, testing methods for organic/inorganic electronics, inkjet and roll-to-roll printing methods.

Polish, English

Selected publications

  1. Rafal Sliz, Chibuzor Eneh, Yuji Suzuki, Jakub Czajkowski, Tapio Fabritius, Poopathy Kathirgamanathan, Arokia Nathan, Risto Myllylä, Ghassan E Jabbour, Large area quantitative analysis of nanostructured thin-films, RSC Adv. 5, 2015.
  2. K. Jokinen, A. Bykov, R. Sliz, K. Remes, T. Fabritius, R. Myllylä,  Luminescence and spectrum variations caused by thermal annealing in undoped and doped polyfluorene OLEDs, Solid-State Electronics, 103, 184-189, 2015.
  3. Miikka Visanko, Henrikki Liimatainen, Juho Antti Sirviö, Kirsi S Mikkonen, Maija Tenkanen, Rafal Sliz, Osmo Hormi, Jouko Niinimäki, Butylamino-functionalized cellulose nanocrystal films: barrier properties and mechanical strength, RSC Advances, 5, 2015.
  4. Sliz Rafal, Suzuki Yuji, Fabritius Tapio, Myllylä Risto, Influence of temperature on wetting properties of thin films inorganic solar cells applications, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol 443, 182-187, 2014.
  5. Visanko, Miikka; Liimatainen, Henrikki; Sirviö, Juho Antti; Haapala, Antti; Sliz, Rafal; Niinimäki, Jouko; Hormi, Osmo, Porous thin film barrier layers from 2,3-dicarboxylic acid cellulose nanofibrils for membrane structures, Carbohydrate polymers, Vol 102, 584-589.
  6. Pälvi Apilo, Jussi Hiltunen, Marja Välimäki, Santtu Heinilehto, Rafal Sliz and Jukka Hast, Roll-to-roll gravure printing of organic photovoltaic modules-insulation of processing defects by an interfacial layer, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, May 2014.
  7. Bobins Augustine, Rafal Sliz, Kimmo Lahtonen, Mika Valden, Risto Myllylä, Tapio Fabritius, Effect of plasma treated Ag/indium tin oxide anode modification on stability of polymer solar cells, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 128, September 2014, 330 – 334.
  8. Czajkowski, J.; Lauri, J.; Sliz, R.; Fält, P.; Fabritius, T; Myllylä, R.; Censec, B. (2012) Sub-micron resolution, high-speed spectral domain optical coherence tomography in quality inspection for printed electronics. (Scientific conference proceedings). - Optical Microand Nanometrology IV. Christophe Gorecki; Anand K. Asundi; Wolfgang Osten (eds.). Proceedings of SPIE 8430. Bellingham, SPIE. 1-8
  9. Jokinen, K.; Bykov, A.; Sliz, R.; Myllyla, R (2012) Behaviour of electron and hole currents in a 3-layer heterostructure OLET. (Scientific conference proceedings). - Organic Photonics V. Barry P. Rand; Chihaya Adachi; Volker van Elsbergen (eds.). Proceedings of SPIE 8435, SPIE. 1-8
  10. Sliz, Rafal; Ahnood, Arman; Nathan, Arokia; Myllylä, Risto; Jabbour, Ghassan (2012) Characterization of microcrystalline I-layer for solar cells prepared in low temperature - plastic compatible process. (Scientific conference proceedings). - Photonics for Solar Energy Systems IV. Ralf Wehrspohn; Andreas Gombert (eds.). Proceedings of SPIE 8438. Bellingham, SPIE. 1-6 CRIS - Choice-based departmental report
  11. Sliz, Rafal; Augustine, B.; Fabritius, T.; Myllylä, R (2012) Optical and Electrical Characterization of Pcdtbt - Low Band-Gap Polymer for Efficient Organic Solar Cells. (Abstract (not KOTA)). - Technical Digest: 3rd International Topical Meeting on Optical Sensing and Artificial Vision, OSAV-2012, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 14-17 May 2012. OSAV´2012. 101
  12. Sliz, Rafal; Suzuki, Yuji; Nathan, Arokia; Myllylä, Risto; Jabbour, Ghassan. (2012) Organic solvent wetting properties of UV and plasma treated ZnO nanorods: printed electronics approach. (Scientific conference proceedings). - Organic Photovoltaics XIII, 14-16 August 2012, San Diego, California, United States, Proceedings of SPIE. Kafafi, Zakya H.; Brabec, Christoph J.; Lane, Paul A.. Proceedings of SPIE 8477. Bellingham, SPIE. 1-6
  13. Kukkola, J.; Jansson, E.; Popov, A.; Lappalainen, J.; Mäklin, J.; Halonen, N.; Tóth, G.; Shchukarev, A.; Mikkola, J.-P.; Jantunen, H.; Kordás, K.; Hast, J.; Hassinen, T.;,Sunnari, A.; Jokinen, K.; Haverinen, H.; Sliz, R.; Jabbour, G.; Fabritius, T.; Myllylä, R (2011) Novel printed nanostructured gas sensors. - Procedia engineering 25, 896-899
  14. P. Kopola, T. Aernouts, R. Sliz et al., “Gravure printed flexible organic photovoltaic modules”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 95, 1344-1347 (2011).

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