Sorvoja Hannu

Laboratory Manager, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Tel: +358 294 482690
Fax: +358 8 553 2774
Room: TS292
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: D.Sc. (Tech.), University of Oulu, Finland, 1998: Lic.Sc. (Tech.), University of Oulu, Finland, 1993: M.Sc. (Tech.), University of Oulu, Finland

Research experience
1) Academic research and teaching experience, 23 years:
one year as Professor, 6 years as Senior researcher, 1.8 years as Senior Assistant, the rest - as a Researcher
2) 42 refereed scientific publications
3) Two Patents, two others suspended

Teaching experience
1) Supervisor of 32 Master’s or Licentiate theses
2) Lecturer, laboratory supervicer or exercise supervisor of 12 different academic courses

Areas of expertise
1) Sensors and measurement techniques
2) Biomedical engineering

Tauno Tönning Foundation (twice), Biomedical Technology Program (University of Oulu), Ahti Pekkala Foundation, Seppo Säynäjäkangas Foundation

Finnish (native), English and Swedish (workable)

Selected publications
Journal papers

  1. Vihriälä E, Rinta-Paavola A, Sorvoja H, Jämsä T and Myllylä R (2015) Relationship between weight change and changes in 3D acceleration signals generated by walking. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology,
  2. E. Warpenius, E. Alasaarela, H. Sorvoja, and M. Kinnunen, ”A mobile user-interface for elderly care from the perspective of relatives,” Informatics for Health and Social Care, early online, 1-12 (2014), DOI: 10.3109/17538157.2013.879148.
  3. T. Myllylä, V. Korhonen, Ł. Suraźyński, A. Zienkiewicz, H. Sorvoja, R. Myllylä, Measurement of cerebral blood flow and metabolism using high power light-emitting diodes, Measurement (2014), Doi:10.1016/j.measurement.2014.08.027
  4. Teemu Myllylä, Vesa Korhonen, Erkki Vihriälä, Hannu Sorvoja, Tuija Hiltunen, Osmo Tervonen, Vesa Kiviniemi, ”Human heart pulse wave responses measured simultaneously at several sensor placements by two MR-compatible fibre optic methods”. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Journal of Sensors, Vol 2012, Article ID 769613, 8 p., doi:10.1155/2012/769613
  5. H.S.S. Sorvoja, T.S. Myllylä, M.Yu. Kirillin, E.A. Sergeeva, R.A. Myllylä, A.A. Elseoud, J. Nikkinen, O.Tervonen, V. Kiviniemi, "Non-invasive, MRI-compatible fibreoptic device for functional near-IR refctometry of human brain", Quantum Electronics 40(12), 1067-1073 (2010).
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  7. M. Vähäsöyrinki, T. Tuukkanen, H. Sorvoja, M. Pudas, "A minimally invasive displacement sensor for measuring brain micromotion in 3D with nanometer scale resolution", J. Neuroscience Methods 180, 290-295 (2009).
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  11. H. Sorvoja, V.-M. Kokko, R. Myllylä, J. Miettinen, "Use of EMFi as a blood pressure pulse transducer", IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 4(6), 2505-2512 (2005).
  12. H. Sorvoja, J. Hast, R. Myllylä, P. Kärjä-Koskenkari, S. Nissilä, M. Sorvisto, "Blood pressure measurement method using pulse-transit-time", Molecular and Quantum Acoustics 24, 169-181 (2003, published 2004)
  13. H. Sorvoja, R. Myllylä: Accuracy of the electronic palpation blood pressure measurement method versus the intra-arterial method. Technology and Health Care. International Journal of Health Care, IOS Press, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 145-146, 2004.
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  16. J. Hast, R. Myllylä, H. Sorvoja, J. Miettinen, "Self-mixing interferometry in noninvasive pulse wave velocity measurement", Molecular and Quantum Acoustics 22, 95-106 (2001).

Conference papers

  1. Teemu S. Myllylä ; Erkki V. Vihriälä ; Vesa O. Korhonen and Hannu S. S. Sorvoja, " Case study of ECG signal used as a reference signal in optical pulse transit time measurement of blood flow: the effect of different electrode placements on pulse transit time ", Proc. SPIE 8699, Saratov Fall Meeting 2012: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine XIV; and Laser Physics and Photonics XIV, 869903 (February 26, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2016682
  2. Aino Sorvala, Esko Alasaarela, Hannu Sorvoja, Risto Myllylä, "A Two-Threshold Fall Detection Algorithm for Reducing False Alarms", Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT), 2012 6th International Symposium on 25-29 March 2012, 4 pages.
  3. Sorvala, A.; Alasaarela, E.; Sorvoja, H.; Myllyla, R., "Activity classification using a state transition diagram and activity levels", Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT), 2012 6th International Symposium on, Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ISMICT.2012.6203031, Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 1 - 4
  4. Myllylä, Teemu S.; Sorvoja, Hannu S.S.; Nikkinen, Juha; Tervonen, Osmo; Kiviniemi, Vesa; Myllylä, Risto A (2011) Instrumentation and method for measuring NIR light absorbed in tissue during MR imaging in medical NIRS measurements. (Artikkeli tieteellisessä konferenssijulkaisussa). - Conference on Novel Biophotonic Techniques and Applications, Munich, GERMANY, MAY 22-24, 2011. Sterenborg, HJCM; Vitkin, IA (eds.). Proceedings of SPIE 8090. Bellingham, Spie-OSA. 1-8R.
  5. Juha Harja, Teemu Myllylä, Hannu Sorvoja, Risto Myllylä, Vesa Kiviniemi, Ahmed Elseoud, Juha Nikkinen, Osmo Tervonen (2009) MRI-compatible non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurement using fiber optics. (Artikkeli tieteellisessä konferenssijulkaisussa). - Saratov Fall Meeting 2009, International School for Junior Scientists and Students on Optics, Laser Physics and Biophysics. Valery V. Tuchin, Elina A. Genina. Proceedings of SPIE 7547. 75470F 1-7
  6. Sliz, H. Kotipalo, I. Ashraf, S. Sasin, H. Alamaki & H. Sorvoja: Identification and patient’s vital signs monitoring solution based on RFID and wireless technology, The Fourth IASTED International Conference on Telehealth ~Telehealth 2008~ Telemedicine: from Science to Service, Baltimore, Maryland, USA pp. 233 - 238, 16-18 Apr. 2008.
  7. T. Myllylä, J. Katisko, J. Harja, H. Sorvoja & R. Myllylä: EMI Considerations For Wireless Data Transfer In Magnetic Resonansce Imaging (MRI) Room, The 2nd International Symposium on Medical Information And Communication Technology (ISMICT07), 4 p., 2007.
  8. H. Alamaki, R. Sliz, I. Ashraf, H. Sorvoja, E. Alasaarela & M. Hämäläinen: Measurement of Respiratory Rate, Tilt And Temperature of a Patient And Wireless ZigBee Data Transmission, The 2nd International Symposium on Medical Information And Communication Technology (ISMICT07), 4 p., 2007.
  9. T. Myllylä, H. Lahtinen, H. Sorvoja & R. Myllylä: Case studies on a wireless fibre Bragg grating condition monitoring system for rotating composite cylinders. Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems, June 6 - 8, 2007, Braunschweig, Germany, pp. 69 - 72, 2007.
  10. T. Reinvuo, M. Hannula, H. Sorvoja, E. Alasaarela, R. Myllylä, "Measurement of respiratory rate with high-resolution accelerometer and EMFit pressure sensor". SAS 2006 - IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, Houston, Texas USA,  192-195 (2006).
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