Multimodal Evaluation of Brain Oscillations (MEBO) (01.01.2008-31.12.2011)

Recent advances on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) show that brain pathology alters the baseline activity within brain networks in the early stages of diseases prior to structural or anatomical changes. The baseline activity was originally detected as a low frequency fluctuation of signal sensitive to blood oxygen level changes (BOLD) analogous to AM/FM radio waves. The source of the fluctuation has remained unknown despite over a decade long history of research on the phenomenon. There are several hypotheses on the sources of baseline fluctuation of the detected BOLD signal change but no study has explain the nature of BOLD signal changes in functional brain networks during resting state.

This multidisciplinary project aims to develop methodology to simultaneously detect sources of fluctuations. Metabolic, electrophysiologic, blood flow and other physiologic variables are
analysed and their relationships investigated. Methods are developed in order to influence the baseline network fluctuations with medication and physiological challenges. Based on the results new models of pathology will be developed. New diagnostic and treatment follow-up tools will be evaluated and possible new ways of treating pathology will be investigated.

Last updated: 9.9.2016