Photo-acoustic imaging of bone surface vibrations for rapid and accurate assessment of osteoporosis (PAQUS) (01.01.2010-31.12.2013)

The proposed research combines photo-acoustic (PA) imaging with skeletal quantitative ultrasound (QUS) to enable rapid and accurate assessment of osteoporosis. Whereas osteoporotic fractures constitute a serious public health problem, current x-ray or ultrasound techniques assess bone density alone and therefore do not accurately predict future fractures.

Multi-modal QUS is one of the most potential alternative approaches, and the research group at the University of Jyväskylä has a proven track record in developing a related method using standard piezoelectric contact ultrasound transducers. Despite the success with in vitro experiments, accurate measurement of certain ultrasound modes has proved to be difficult due to the soft tissue layer covering bone. These modes exhibit detectable displacement amplitude at the bone surface. The present project aims to realize PA excitation and detection of bone surface vibrations remotely and non-invasively from the top of the soft cover tissue.

The specific objectives are (a) to develop a PA excitation that focuses the ultrasonic source onto the bone, (b) to develop PA imaging of bone surface vibrations at a varying distance from the source, and (c) to test the utility of the resulting PA QUS device for in vivo assessment of osteoporosis. This project promotes multidisciplinary collaboration and mobility of students and researchers working on different applications of PA and QUS. In particular, the project results in a cutting edge approach of combining PA techniques to resolve a significant challenge in skeletal

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