Applying to an international master's programme after bachelor's studies in Finland

Have you ever thought about continuing your studies after a bachelor's degree or applying to a master's programme in Finland? Don't be afraid to dream about developing yourself through master's studies!

My choice - University of Oulu

If you consider applying to an international master's programme at the University of Oulu, this blog post is for you. In this blog post, I will tell you why I chose to study master's programme after my bachelor's studies.

I graduated with a BBA degree during spring 2021 while working at the same time. During the last year of my bachelor's studies at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, I started to think that I was not fully ready to end my study path and move on to a full-time job after graduation.

I did not feel complete, and I wanted to learn more deeply about the subjects that really interested me. Therefore, I thought that a master's degree could further advance my future career. Still, I was afraid to dream of further studies since I knew many applicants would be there. Despite the fear of failure, I applied to the master's programme in Marketing offered by the University of Oulu.

My earlier work experience and studies determined pretty much what I chose for my major – So, my advice would be to look at your interests and what interested you the most during your bachelor's studies. Of course, choosing the right programme which fits your future plans and goals can be difficult. Also, I encourage you to check out every major that could suit you.

You can explore international degree programmes offered by the University of Oulu and take the study choice test to find out the best-fitted programmes for you.

It was time to narrow my university choices down to three and select the University of Oulu.

Why should you apply?

When you are sitting on your desk at your full-time job or in the classroom thinking about your next step in your study path, you might end up thinking about your master's studies.

So, why not deepen your learning through master's studies and study the topics that interest you the most? Why not spend two years in the middle of fellow students who share the same passion for the same subject? – there are no good excuses to miss an opportunity like this. :)

Instructions for applying

So far, I have been studying marketing at the University of Oulu for a few months, and I'm really enjoying my studies. I do not regret for a single minute for applying here! I look forward to my next two years at the University of Oulu. :)

About the author

Hanna Holappa from Finland is currently completing her master's degree in Marketing. She loves outdoor sports and nature, so Oulu is a perfect place for her and her dog to explore - and an incredible place to carry out her studies.