Biomedical Engineering in University of Oulu

How my journey started: In high school one of the main subjects I was interested in was biology. More topics like molecular biology and genetics were present in high school, and these piqued my interest.

During bachelor's studies

During my bachelor’s studies I was trying to figure out where I might go with my bachelor's degree to learn more about biological beings on a different level of organization. Because my high school had a physical-mathematical profile, these disciplines have gotten my attention. So, a year before graduation, I began looking at biomedical sciences programmes. The University of Oulu's Biomedical Engineering degree programme is implemented in an internationally recognized high-quality research environment and is highly focused on laboratory experiments, practicals, and problem-based learning in its studies and research, which is why I decided to apply there for my Master's degree.

There are two alternative Master’s degrees with specific focus areas, from which you need to choose one already when participating in the admissions process.

  • Master of Science (Technology) programme with a focus on biomedical signal and image processing and machine learning (Information Technology and Electrical Engineering)
  • Master of Health Sciences programme with a focus on medical imaging and health technology applications (Faculty of Medicine).

Many subjects are rather similar, so you do not have to worry if you do not meet the requirements for one of them. For example, I decided to take the Technology one, but I have many different courses from the Faculty of Medicine. The program's classes are taught on two separate campuses, so you may visit both during the program!

Laboratory experiment

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology was my favourite course out of all of them since it provided us with highly engaging laboratory work on ultrasound and MRI. In the photo, you can see one of the labs where we worked in groups to identify anatomical features in the neck area as well as measure blood flow rates in veins and arteries.

UniOulu, in my opinion, is a university of the future.

TellUs, a great space for project work, group meetings, and self-work, is one of the many amenities that I could never have imagined at my previous university. I enjoy how everything is close at hand here on Campus. It makes a significant impact when applying for various study programmes. This and many other things influenced my choice, and I'm glad I ended up enrolling in this particular programme!

About the author

Liubov is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is doing her second year in the Biomedical Engineering Master program. She started cycling when she moved to Oulu, she really thinks that you can't live without cycling here!