Life of a WCE student at the University of Oulu

Studying the Wireless Communications Engineering master's programme at the University of Oulu has been an exciting journey for me so far, with many assignments, group projects, and fun.

My favourite courses

Wireless Communication 1

My favourite course so far in this faculty is Wireless Communication 1. I can remember I was gutted that I wouldn’t have a physical session for this course. Still, regardless, I was happy that I took the course because my interest has always been in Wireless Communications Engineering. That is the primary reason I’m pursuing my masters in this field.

My first day in class was fun; we learned about the basis of the course and what we needed to do to pass the course. We also got to meet the rest of the students and got our very first group project for this course on that day. It was the most exciting part of taking this course.

The project was about analyzing radio channels and learning about the different types of fading in the communication system. We also got to know how to mitigate this fading using other diversity methods. The project was done using MATLAB and Simulink, so it gave me a chance also to learn how to use this software and improve my skills. It was fun working on this project with my group member who was already in Oulu because most of the students were not in Oulu at the time.

Statistical Signal Processing

Another course I enjoyed taking is Statistical Signal Processing. This course was very hard, and I had sleepless nights. But I’m glad that I was able to pass the course. I could not have done it without the help of my friends whom I made while taking the course. We were able to solve all the exercises together and learn from each other.

It was fun taking this course with them, and they are the best crew in the world.

This course brought us closer, and we attended a lot of extracurricular activities together. We bonded well during this course, such as joining the university guild and the UniOulu ambassador programme.

I could happily mention that I made some friends for life because of this course. :)

About the author

Ayomikun Adewale (nickname- Ay) from Nigeria is studying the Wireless Communications Engineering master’s programme at the University of Oulu. He is a nature lover and a fun person to interact with. Apart from that, he has a passion for graphic designing and cooking as well.