My first day at University of Oulu

The day finally arrived, after so much wait and excitement. It was my very first day at the University of Oulu. There were mixed feelings in my mind, I was happy, scared, and curious at the same time.
An outside of a building

My first impression

I entered the university parking lot. The view and the beauty of the whole university just blew my mind. The university is so beautiful from an architectural point of view. A lot of nature around the huge buildings embellishes everything.

I slowly entered the building. The new students were guided to the auditorium known as L4. I crossed a few restaurants and coffee shops at the university. I saw many students roaming around the campus. It was truly a happening moment. I was also using my Tuudo mobile app and University Navigator app to get more information.

Inside the auditorium, more surprises were waiting for us. We were welcomed with beautiful souvenirs and gifts. Many international students were attending the Orientation Day of the University.

The most awaited orientation session

The session began with an introduction speech. Slowly the session was more fun and intense. There were all types of information brought to the table. We came to know about the rules and regulations of the university, study patterns, etc. There were several sessions about all the activities we can do besides our studies. A few senior students also attended the session to share their experiences with us.

We were served coffee, sandwiches and cold drinks. We enjoyed the session in between. There were sessions with the Student Union where we came to know how we can become a part of it and get benefited. There was also a session with student psychologists.

There was an interesting session about being a student ambassador of the university where we can take part and represent the University of Oulu to future students. We also learned about how we can accomplish our dreams and goals throughout the study period at the university. The career path and future possibilities are immense. There was clear guidance about our career path of us after finishing the degree here.

Interestingly there were sessions about Finnish culture and customs. Also, we will get great facilities to learn the Finnish language and culture at this university. There were discussions about the research possibilities and the wide path to success.

Career guidance

Throughout the orientation day we came to know how the University is influential for us to design and fulfill our future goals. They are not only teaching us as a traditional teaching method but there will also be complete guidance for building our careers and making our future bright and successful. We also had an open discussion with the authorities concerned.

Everything we have come to know is that these people are working so hard to help us grow, to shape our future as bright as we dream. We came to know about Student Ambassadors in the university where we can work as an extension of the Marketing team of the University. It will give us a great experience to learn and grow along with marketing exposure. I did not hesitate to apply and I applied for the position right away!

And now I can proudly say I have been chosen as a Student Ambassador for the University of Oulu.

My feelings

The beginning of this journey at the University of Oulu was amazing, and I felt accomplished. My first day exceeded my expectations. And I was left with the happy realization that being a part of the University of Oulu as a student in the master's programme in Electronics is like a dream come true!

About the author

Fatema Jannat, from Bangladesh, is studying for her master’s in Electronics at the University of Oulu.