Peer Learning and Scientific Knowledge for skill and value-based education

Coming to Finland is a lifetime experience. Coming from an Asian country that has mostly classroom-based education which stilts between teacher and textbooks, Oulu has taught me to be a leader of responsibilities which is a key to leadership.
A set of students working together

Peer Learning - a delightful experience

Learning with peers from all around the world at the University of Oulu gives me an amazing experience to immerse myself into understanding and embracing the diversity of cultures which makes me compassionate, and open-minded and to become a global citizen who can drive change in the world.

This surprising experience tells you how students deal with other students to succeed in their educational goals and how students will learn to recognize each person's unique story and gain a more comprehensive perspective on life's experiences by engaging with peers and teachers who come from varied backgrounds and upbringings.

As a second-year student in the Learning, Education, and Technology master’s programme, I have seen the keen importance that is given to peer learning, which facilitates the development of relationships between students who come from various cultural backgrounds where intercultural understanding, empathy, and recognition of every learner are considered a top priority.

I have learned to learn from the experiences other students share and to value the diverse contributions of others while improving my problem-solving and communication skills.

Most of the courses are designed in a way that helps the students from various societies to raise their hands to feel the humanity and understanding of others and feel the rhythm of other hears, peer learning will go a long way in bringing both skill and value-based education.

Poster created using a graphic design tool-(Canva) which we were exposed to during Learning Environments course.

Scientific Knowledge at Oulu is an amazing experience

The sudden hit of the covid-19 pandemic made me realize how important integrating technology into education is. That is the main reason why I chose the programme, as the rapid development of information technology is seen in almost all areas of the university, which increases the efficiency of teachers as well as students, and accommodates multiple learning styles.

The virtual classroom settings of the University have always made the classes feel more engaging to me. During the courses Learning Environments and Technologies and Emergent Technologies, I have learned about how digital printing, graphic designing tools, 3D animation, augmented reality (AR), robotics, and maker education (learning by doing), all of which can help to build more inclusive learning settings that encourage cooperation and curiosity in the context of education.

Technology-enhanced learning has offered me quick access to knowledge, accelerated learning, and enjoyable opportunities to put what I have learned into practice. It allows me to delve deeper into challenging ideas and explore new themes.

Due to the pandemic, I came to Finland a bit after the start of the programme, but the use of mobile learning devices gave me a smooth learning process. As a learner, I am acquiring the 21st-century technical abilities needed for future careers with the use of technology in the classroom.

It is an unforgettable experience for me how teachers transfer their knowledge to students through scientific knowledge rather than traditional pen and paper.

The use of technological tools to enhance learning during the Emergent Technology course.

Coming to an end, I feel privileged as a student to be able to study at Oulu, Finland, where education is treated as a universal human right. With the experience and knowledge of my professional teachers and the new learning methods, I will be able to bring value and skill-based education to the newborns tomorrow.

The contexts of regulation, collaboration, and technology-enhanced learning in the courses boost my learning and cognitive skills, with an arctic attitude. ;)

About the author

Harini Nanayakkara from Sri Lanka is a second-year student in Learning, Education and Technology. She completed her bachelor's degree in China and got interested in knowing how technology can be infused into teaching and learning, which brought her to Finland.