Product and Project Management programme at the University of Oulu

In the post-pandemic era, multiple studies are taking centre stage within the technology and industrial spheres to tackle global concerns. In this regard, two time-tested and evolving scientific approaches are the arts of managing these concerns – introducing Project and Product Management.
So, you like to brainstorm, plan, organise, and act?

The modern world, technology and industrial spheres

The modern world is taking rapid strides to innovate and is working towards a raised standard of living across the social spectrum, transcending barriers of national borders. Despite the looming uncertainties of the world economy and politics, today’s average human being has the best chance to access a healthy life span, education, and global connectivity compared to yesteryears.

There is an increased awareness of our actions towards global challenges such as climate change, sustainable energy management, circular economy, and “green(er)” technology (I hear you naysayers, and acknowledge the widening gap of global inequality, but that topic is for another day!).

The ageless saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” has never been more relevant in these times. Humankind has moved on from developing physical tools to win over their incapability and is unleashing tools for the brain in the digital age, a self-serving exercise to the greatest tool in evolutionary history.

Have it in you to play the game? It is challenging!

Who are the individuals who take cognisance of this need and envision creating something that encompasses the various phases the need metamorphoses into? Who are the individuals who take the responsibility to foresee risks in a project and accomplish all the tasks within the planned timeframe?

Product and Project Management

Are you an engineering professional intrigued by how newer technology disrupts existing norms every year? Do the buzzwords “New product development”, “Product design”, “Product lifecycle” resonate with you? Or are you the person who likes a planned approach to completing tasks? Are you the person who appreciates the attention given to detail?

The answer you are staring at is – Product and Project Management (ProM). A sphere where being the jack of all trades and king of none is a bare minimum necessity, where one must be able to give importance to their imagination and relish their ability to connect the dots to get the bigger picture.

The Product and Project Management programme offered at the University of Oulu, under the department of Industrial Engineering and Management, and the Faculty of Technology provides you with the platform to groom yourself into this identity. The curriculum is split into two majors – Product management and Project management.

IEM (Product and Project Management)? The choice is (on your) right!

However, if you have followed this narrative, you would realise how closely intertwined both the studies are! The students are allowed the flexibility to incorporate rich doses of credits from either to tailor out a specific study plan (though you major in one of them, you wouldn't have the FOMO on the other).

The support for a student is always present through a staff of experienced, accessible, and accomplished professionals.

The programme consists of subject elements such as,

The teaching method has been in line with the challenges posed by the pandemic and provides opportunities for students to explore the theories through group assignments. The grading criteria are fair and designed to the subject-specific learning goals.

I have been particularly impressed with the smooth blending of real-world industrial challenges into the curriculum and the rationale of providing students with prospects to cultivate problem-solving skills!

A mentoring programme exists, where a teacher tutor is available for students to spell out their concerns and work on their strengths and weaknesses.

A recent Harvard business review Ideacast article suggests, "The future of work is in projects!". So, what is your career choice? :)

About the author

Seshnag Revuru from India is studying Product and Project Management at the University of Oulu. He is experiencing a sub-zero arctic climate for the first time. Fun fact – he has an extra thumb and speaks four languages!