Sports and Adventure in Oulu

Oulu is a beautiful city that is very bike-friendly. Staying fit is not a task to be done but a fun and engaging way to get to places and keep your health in check.

Cycling in Oulu

In Oulu, there are beautiful cycle tracks and sometimes it can take longer to reach your destination on the bike than on the bus. It was one of the most pleasant surprises to be able to bike to almost anywhere with a bike in Oulu. In Oulu, People like to bike all year round and even when it is snowing! It is strangely motivating to see people, old and young, go biking during the winter. I find the trails and foot marks on the snow to be very reassuring. No matter how harsh the weather might appear at first, looking at the freshly trodden snow with various footsteps makes me happy.

Gym facilities and sports card

If you are a fitness freak and wish to do more than just walking or biking, there are plenty of options for you to consider. Most PSOAS apartments offer gym facilities with various types of equipment. Moreover, you can also book a few other open spaces such as a tennis court around your apartment if they are available. And of course, having the option to go relax in the sauna after a week of intense workout is truly great.

The university offers a lot of options for sports lovers.

There is an option to get a Sports Pass for specific term periods or the whole academic year. With this Sports Pass, you can explore a plethora of options of sporting activities ranging from beginners to advance. The Sports Pass also offers you discounts and offers on the equipment. If you are not an athlete and simply wish to try and find your passion, at the beginning of the term, there is an option of trial classes for specific sports. If the activities do not interest you, there are also exciting activities around some sports being conducted under the well-being tutoring.

Football and Yokoris organization

I personally discovered my sport of choice, football after a few weeks in Oulu. My friend was complaining about how there were not enough players for a game. I had been finding a place to play football and it worked out perfectly. I discovered an organization that works on different sports all around the week and is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, no matter the level. Yökoris is an organization that arranges various sports activities such as basketball and football around different days of the week. It is such a shock to be playing football inside an arena when there are below-freezing winds outside.

Oulu has a lot to offer!

You can always talk to your friends or do fun activities to de-stress and relax with your studies. It may take time to find a place to practice your sport or simply participate in the activities that you wish to do. And even if your friends do not share your passion, it is worthwhile exploring new places to do the things that interest you.

About the author

Hei! Hello! Namaste! I am Sugandha from India. I am pursuing a master’s in Education and Globalisation at the University of Oulu. My favorite thing to do since coming to Finland has been experimenting with food.