Tips for finding a job in Finland

I want to share five tips on finding a job during your studies or after graduation.

These are tips that have worked for me

Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business social networking site where you can, for example, find jobs, traineeships, and thesis opportunities. On LinkedIn, you can report yourself as 'open to work' so that recruiters can see you, and you can also make a post about your job search. Today LinkedIn is the 'new CV', and several companies wish to see your LinkedIn profile during the job search phase.

Participate in events

It is essential to build connections with different work communities during your studies. Participating in events is a great way to do it. The University of Oulu organises yearly events, e.g. Pestipäivät (Pesti Career Day), where you can meet company representatives, employers and entrepreneurs.

Student organisations also organise company visits or meetings with field professionals, so remember to stay updated with student organisations news and events. Check out Oulu University Career Centre to find more events and information about working life.

Traineeship during studies

People have been able to find permanent employment through traineeships. So remember, it is possible, and I encourage you to carry out an internship as a part of your studies. If you can find a traineeship place and carry out your trainee well, many companies are eager to hire you for a longer time. To see more information about internships, look at the university traineeship page.

Graduate programmes

Several companies offer graduate programmes for students finishing their studies (graduating students). Graduate programmes can kick off your career, and there are possibilities for further employment after the programme.

Online research

If you have specific companies in mind that you are interested in - search them on Google and go to their company website, where you can usually see "careers" or "student jobs" where you can find open positions. You can also find hidden job opportunities from company websites that are not published elsewhere!

If you want to find a job specifically in Oulu, look at the BusinessOulu company database, where you can find companies based in Oulu.

Job hunting can be difficult and stressful, but do not give up.

My personal advice is not to concentrate your job search only on one place. It can also be frustrating to send several applications, go through multiple interviews and face rejections, but don't worry; you will get there. I wish you good luck in your job search! :)

About the author

Hanna Holappa from Finland is currently completing her master's degree in Marketing. She loves outdoor sports and nature, so Oulu is a perfect place for her and her dog to explore - and an incredible place to carry out her studies.