Tips on how to utilize university provided courses to master the Finnish language

Want to learn Finnish? - No worries! University of Oulu has a number of courses to offer to help students in achieving their Finnish language goals.

Studying Finnish at the Oulu university

After carrying out these courses and following the instructions, you will be able to have a basic to fluent conversation with a Finn. The most fun part is that you will get credits ranging from 3-5 for completing these language courses and these courses are available in both fall and spring terms. So, let’s have a look at the courses that the university is providing you.

As an international student, you might feel left out or cannot mix with Finnish students because of the language.

You might wish that you could understand or deliver the basic introductory conversations. To accomplish your step toward that, I suggest to all the international students to start with the Survival Finnish course where you will be able to understand and use some very common everyday expressions and phrases. You will recognize the basic Finnish conversation and be able to deliver some basic sentences such as introducing yourself. Moreover, you will an idea of the basic characteristics of the Finnish language and Finnish communication Styles.

Finnish language courses

After this elementary course, you can do courses named Beginners’ Finnish 1 and 2. By taking these courses you will understand and use some very familiar and common Everyday expressions relating to themselves and Everyday situations, you can be able to read short and simple texts and messages dealing with familiar topics along with communication in easy daily tasks.

Additionally, you will have a deep understanding of the Finnish language and communication Styles. Beginner’s Finnish 2 course will make you understand different kinds of short texts and locate important information in them as well as help you to acquire more detailed knowledge of the Finnish language and culture.

If you successfully complete the above courses, you can be able to do the courses called Intermediate Finnish 1 and Intermediate Finnish 2. These courses are a deeper dive to the language and furthermore this course will help you to write a CV and job application in Finnish and prepare for a job interview and know more about Finnish working life and job seeking culture. At the last you can finish your journey of learning the Finnish language with an Advanced Finnish course.

How to find the courses?

Now, you might be wondering where to go to enroll in these courses. You can search for these courses according to your faculty or campus in the Peppi study guide website within the language and communication studies tab. These courses are free for the University of Oulu students and staff members.

I wish you all the luck with your Finnish language studies!

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Fahmida Sarker is from Bangladesh pursuing her master’s degree in Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science (EBDS) at the University of Oulu. She is a public and mental health enthusiast. On top of everything, she loves traveling and has already covered 21 countries.