Biocenter Oulu Seminar Series

Autumn 2022


Date and lecture room



October 11, 15.15-16


Pekka Katajisto

Helsinki Institute of Life Science, HiLIFE

Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki and Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institutet


Role of stem cell niche interactions and asymmetric divisions in aging

October 7, 9.15-10


Pirjo Nuutila

Turku PET Centre, Department of Endocrinology, Turku University Hospital and University of Turku

Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) in adult humans – what is learned since 2009?

October 20, 15.15-16


Eoin Cummins

University College Dublin, School of Medicine, Ireland


Regulation of inflammatory signaling by the physiological gases O2 and CO2

November 3, 15.15-16 101A

Sebastian Deindl

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University


Illuminating the regulation of gene expression at the single-molecule level

November 17, 15.15-16


Yael Nossent

Department of Surgery and Laboratory for Experimental Vascular Medicine

Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands


Change of Heart: the Epitranscriptome of Small Non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular disease

December 1, 15.15-16


Yvonne Reiss

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Cancer Institute, Germany


Targeting the tumor microenvironment in malignant brain tumors

December 8, 15.15-16 F202

Tarja Malm

A.I.V Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Eastern Finland


Modeling brain diseases in human context

December 13, 101A,


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